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  1. [​IMG]

    kk making this wrestling related (open)

    Why don't WWE do any crazy fun shit like this?
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  2. Dont get the original picture.
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  3. Yoshihiko is beast
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Oh I see. Didn't get it on mobile lol
  6. Yoshihiko is the best wrestler of all time.....I mean, He/She/It can put on a 5 star match......
  7. sry u hear dat


    its just the sound of a tryhard

    Posted this thread to make the "Other Wrestling" forum reach 1,000 because it was annoying Crayo, didn't want to post anything wrestling related because I don't do wrestling, saw spoiler prefix, went with it. Decided to add something wrestling related anyway because the thread would be junked if it was anyone else.

    gues im 2 face 5 u 4 tryn to help crayo an b nice
    tech my how to be le trolels of 2014
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  8. oh shit i quoted Coon!? The site will be filled with your fans hating on me!

    We can't all be popular tryhards on a forum the caliber of WWEF. You've really taught me a lesson. Third time is the charm, isn't it, Anon?