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  1. I actually lol'd.
  2. Fuck you, Sheamus.
  3. Lets be honest, that wasn't Sheamus's last drink that night.
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  4. What was that for? WWE phone sex?
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  5. Was that anal sex?
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  6. Well, he does usually make people want to throw up, so there you go.
  7. When did that play again? I forget.
  8. Legend, greatness.
  9. *calls number*
    My name is John Laurinatis and I'm the executive vice president of....sexual relations :ksi:
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  10. Alternate ending, just as cringe worthy:

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  11. you shouldnt waste the extra 10 seconds searching it yourself, sheamus mark.

    if it's gay porn, count El Seab-erino in

  12. Didn't look for it, came across it, like I did your face.
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  13. It's far from a masterpiece admittedly but what's wrong with it exactly?
  14. @Seabs loves it.
  15. What I learned : Sheamus is a glorified Heimlich maneuver specialist.
  16. Chicks dig sheamus
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