#1 Contenders Match - European Title - VOTING!

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  1. The #1 Contender for the European Championship

    @RiotRaven vs @MrSackfist vs @HBK

    *This is a triple threat promo battle
    *Each contender will tell us why they deserve to be the #1 contender
    *There is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    *Pictures, music, videos etc. are allowed!


    Promo's will be open for 48 hours. Voting will then be open for another 48 hours.

    Voting is now OPEN!
  2. #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Well I'm first here and what can I say, as your future European champion I will also be on time and present for every match, not that I can say the same for my competitors.
  3. #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Want a good match! Hope the best wins
  4. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Pretty much going to be me so far, lets hope the others even show up. :pity:
  5. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Well congrats on being 1st Raven. But you seem to jumping the gun abit there, you see we are competing in a No. 1 contenders match. FailFaceFTW isn't competing. It is me and a fellow Ministry of Darkness member, HBK. Now I am not saying me & HBK aren't gonna slug it out in this triple threat, but I am saying that a Ministry of Darkness member is going to win this match.

    What we will see from this match is that me & FailFaceFTW will have in common, is that we both will have won a triple threat match, and there is something you and Gohan6425 will have in common, you both are gonna be admiring champions.

    Why I should be European champion, well I am willing to compete against anyone, heck I would be willing to compete daily as champion. I won the Wrestlemania competition and won by an impressive 100 posts donated the money back to the site, because I believe in this site and all who keep me coming back to it. And yes I was in the RAW discussion aswell. Raven I didn't see you there, and how much did you contribute to the Wrestlemania discussion? Oh 1 post. Is that what we want for our champion, a 1 post pony?
  6. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    What we want is a Champion who shows up and doesn't let his title down, like you let the FNW section die? Sorry don't really want that to happen. Also a Ministry of Darkness member will win ehy, I like those odds.

    Also you're the one who shares something in common with Gohan, no one takes you seriously! This is my Debut match and intend to win it, then show everyone that the MOD are nothing more than hot air.
  7. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Hey I did show up, but as they say, "Ladies first"

    I did let it die, and I can't say anything more on it, oh wait, I haven't seen you put your time into creating something for the members on this site to enjoy like they did for FNW. The guys who went above and beyond for that e-fed, I feel bad I let them down. But I am willing to admit that. As Champion, I am willing to fight for IWT to grow, offer new members matches with me, to grow the roster.

    As for you Raven, People don't take me seriously? Well I have more rep & post likes than you. I know it was your debut match, but check your facts junior, it is mine too. And I plan on finishing tonight undefeated and head to face FaceFailFTW in a match that will be that much entertaining.

    MOD is a growing group, and I plan on fighting for it to grow, but also for my other half, The American Dragons. I plan on bringing another title to the group. The European title. And that starts after this match.

    But I would like to point out Raven, I am already rectifying my mistake, by bringing something to this forum that has received great feedback already and the chairman Crayo was happy to see me comeback with such a great idea. Again, I haven't seen any ideas from you yet.
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  8. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

  9. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Because you have more rep and post likes you think you're better than me? Please! I'm here day in day out, posting and viewing the threads, I put effort into making a WWEF gaming topic in the locker room, which died because no one else helped put the effort in.

    I doubt you'd have seen many idea's from me due to your own inactivity, I'm not surprised to see your in both groups that hoard championships.

    Also I'm willing to fight and help the IWT grow and you can be damn sure i'm not just gonna up and leave If I become champion or just can't be bothered. You have alot to learn, you can take to time reflect on this when you realise you will be always be outclassed by me.
  10. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    You just stated why FNW failed. It was a multi-man fed that then fell to just me, and I tried to keep it going, but it burnt me out.

    I have been browsing but I don't see many initiatives on your part. The thing you need is creativity Raven. I know it's there, show me I am not wrong.

    Lets look at the effect that FNW has had. Two major members of FNW fanbase are now holding the world titles of IWT, coincidence, I think not. FNW made these guys cut great promos, and it is no surprise they are the Major champions now. Maybe if you had been apart of it, you could throw out some better responses. I mean if we look at the European champions, the first champion cut great promos and was involved in FNW.

    But you go and insult American Dragons and MOD for being Title hoarders? Tsk Tsk, a lot coming from someone who isn't part of a group :pity2: Is that because no group wanted you? That is a good way to get votes, start trashing groups

    European Championship has gone from great champions. The great Dat Kid, or as I preferred him "El Nino de Meico" to Long Time and well-respected WWEForums member Baraa to the biggest Daniel Bryan mark I know, Danielson to the newest Champion, quite a prestigious line-up and we all know, I deserve to join that line of prestige.
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  11. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    No groups wanted me to join? I was an American Dragon and was invited to DX and could still join now as they change into the MOD. Bet you feel silly now?

    This shows the quality of your research, maybe if you were more active you'd understand :sad:

    Also showing off how much other people are better than you, doesn't make a great case for why you should be champion. They got where they were with practice and unlike you I don't need a group to help me win these things I can do it on my own :pity:

    You don't deserve to join that prestige if you just come in and think you've won against someone of my caliber this easily. You have more posts than me this may be true, but lets check the activity? Oh I come up trumps, now lets look at the join date! You joined a long time before me and I have almost half your posts, shows to me how much you care about this forum and it's titles.
  12. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    This is a really, really good promo battle so far. Who are we missing? :haha:

    BTW Sack is referring to me, the IWT Champion. Thank you Sack, and God Bless all my FNW Brothers. :otunga:
  13. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Lets compare content, oh you don't seem to type as much as me. FNW shows required much more than a 10 second typing session. If we're gonna talk activity, you seemed to disappear from the RAW Live discussion & the Wrestlemania Discussion, granted you made 1 post in that thread, but you have been scarce from discussions.

    You just agreed with me, they got practice and FNW was that practice. I bet you feel that much more sillier now.

    I don't need a group to help me win & I never underestimated you, but unlike you I haven't targeted one aspect of my opponent, which so far seems to be your only weapon.

    You can throw the same insult out, when people go to vote and read your promos, they are gonna be like:

    Show Spoiler


    A European Champion, I can speak two languages of Europe - English and Spanish

    Cuando vas a aprender, que yo va a ganar el cinturĂ³n de lucha libre, por que soy el europeo y el gente sabe que soy el mejor.

    While you google translate that Raven :lol1:, I'll do something you haven't is address our other opponent.

    HBK this is a triple threat, get in here and make it a triple threat.
  14. #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    @HBK do your job.
  15. #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    I picked the best, and these guys are showing it.
  16. #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    This is great.
  17. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Oh by all means lets compare content, In the last two months (since I joined) I've made alot more posts than you, admittedly alot of my posts haven't been huge walls of text because they don't need to be.

    I disappeared because since RAW is shown late over here I only tend to stay up if I don't have plans the next day, geez sorry for having a social life or something. I didn't post in the Wrestlemania thread because I was talking to some friends at the same time and felt trying to keep posting here would ruin my watching of it.

    I don't even consider HBK a threat in this since, not only did he abandon his team mate at Wrestlemania, but then cheated in the same night on a different poll. As far as I'm concerned that makes him an unworthy champion right off the bat.

    I do say the same things but the point still stands, you up and left. Who's to say you won't do the same for this? The forum needs a European champion it can trust. One that doesn't run away from his responsibilities when times get tough.

    You can speak two languages, it's a shame that the only one that really matters is English (My native tongue). Whilst I respect Spain and it's sporting achievements, you will never be one of the greats on this forum. In my two months here I've done half as well as you. Give me the same amount of time you've had and I'll be a legend (well more than I am now).
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  18. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    I am glad we have guys like you on this forum. Guys like you make this a great place to come.

    Once again I will answer your question, I did leave, but you make it out that I am the only one who has done this. A lot of guys have taken sometime out, to quote you "geez sorry for having a social life or something".

    HBK isn't worthy, well I don't count any man, women, child or wildebeest out until the fat...(ahem)...I mean xanth sings. I am not going to defend his actions, I leave that up to the voters to decide whether or not he deserves to be champion.

    I may never be one of the greats on this forum, but again, I have done more for it than you have. In my first month, I began working with the Royal Rumble winner Stopspot, Seabs and some other great guys on this forum to produce an e-fed. But your gaming idea came a little later than a month. So in the time you had you still didn't do anything as big as I did with Stop & Seabs. Heck our first show, I was given numerous credits as a great Wrestling Writer. That is something to think about.

    Your a very good opponent, and worthy of a shot, but Raven when it comes to competing against me, you haven't much in your arsenal, FaceFailFTW is reading and we have shown him we are both decent competitors, but he knows he wants to face the No.1 Contender & after all the voting is done, It will be me, I look forward to competing against the European champion, in what ever match he wants, I am adaptable and capable of winning whatever he throws at me
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  19. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    Guys like me makes this a great forum, well that's a compliment if I haven't heard one. It's a shame we can't win these matches by being nice to each other, it's much less fun that way.

    My journey into this site has just begun, you started with a less developed forum. You worked with Royal Rumble winners, but working with winners doesn't make you a winner. It makes you think you're something you aren't.

    I haven't much in my arsenal? so far you've been going into how uncreative I am and that's pretty much it. I mean you said you have more posts and post likes than me. But you've been here longer so that's expected. I don't understand why you're so held back on liking others posts, is it because you think hardly anyone makes as good a post as you?

    You also backed down pretty quick when I brought up the fact i'm alot more active than you. Also there is difference between staying up to silly o'clock in the morning and outright not going on. I agree that he wants to face the best Contender and ofcourse this will be me. I'm still thinking about you being given credits for being a good wrestling writer and i'm searching for cares to give. :pity:

    When I first upgraded to Superstars, I had given money that helped save the forum. because I felt it was worth investing in something that has made the past few months since i've joined alot of fun. I don't need a member of the old guard to tell me I haven't done anything, because I know I haven't done much yet. I intend to show you that activity makes a champion better, Not his past accomplishments.
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  20. RE: #1 Contenders Match - European Title - PROMOS!

    You may not give many cares, but others did, and those other want to see a great match between the European champion, and they are not going to get that with you as a contender. Likewise they aren't going to want to see FailFaceFTW vs a cricket, well a cricket would make much noise HBK.

    I mean even your post HBK didn't make much noise. And RiotRaven complains about my activity. We both wanted the match, yet when it gets made, you are no where to be seen.

    Is this what we can expect from you as a Champion, you are no where to be seen during the championship bout.

    FailFaceFTW, you have three choices when it comes to your vote. Who do you want to face:

    A 1 post pony, A man more silent than a cricket, or me The European