Storyline 1 Year in the Making & The Future of DX

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  1. Dat Kid walks out wearing his old ring gear.

    Commentator 1: Well this is unusual, Dat Kid coming out here in his old attire and theme.
    Commentator 2: This is great! He's finally getting in touch with his jobber roots!

    Dat Kid rolls into the ring and signals for a mic to be thrown to him. Her catches the mic and sits up on the turnbuckle.

    We are…less than a month away from the 1 Year Anniversary of the IWT and I know what you're all thinking. "Ain't I a bit early to be wearing these old nostalgia garbs?" Well that's where you're all wrong, you see, as usual…Dat Kid is right on time. I'm out here, not to congratulate this business on it's upcoming 1 year anniversary, not at all. I am out here to rewrite the past. I am out here to correct the mistakes of myself and other individuals.

    About 1 year ago was the first ever IWT Championship match. I was the first man to walk into this ring and I was ready to begin my legacy as the first ever IWT champion…

    …But that didn't happen

    One man came out and SCREWED me out of that legacy! He stole what was mine, what I had claim to. What I was ready to become! I was THIS CLOSE to becoming the first IWT Champion, THIS CLOSE!

    It was one little man who came and took what was mine, who took my belt and the reign that came with it. That man is Frank The Jock. You see, as comical as this man's in ring ability is, with moves like the Rollplex, he somehow managed to BEAT me. Not only that, he managed to hold on to that belt longer than anyone else up until Victoria Parker.

    However, we're not giving Frank a pat on the back for that, not at all. He didn't deserve it then, he sure as hell doesn't deserve it now. The only reason Frank The Jock held the title as long as he did is because he never defended against ME!

    The moment I lost, was the moment I wanted that title more than anything. From the start I would challenge Frank to a title match and week after week after week he would find some excuse, not to face me. While he was cementing his legacy into the IWT, I was becoming the laughing stalk of the locker room. The man with the worst win/loss ratio of all time. So when I say he stole, something from me, he didn't steal just one win, he stole my career

    He was the most popular competitor on the roster and yet he was the one who competed the least. Meanwhile, I am competing day in and day out, win or lose I was on the card, busting my ass to get where I am today! Now look at me! I'm not even champion and there isn't a god damn person in that locker room who can touch me!

    So here we are! So close to the IWT Anniversary and by mere coincidence Frank and I are back in the IWT at the same time. I've been waiting for Frank's return for too long now.

    …Frank The Jock has FINALLY accepted my challenge to a one on one match! And fuck this nostalgia bullshit, I want to fight Frank now! So this isn't going to wait til the 1 year anniversary. At the IWT Slammys, for the first time in HISTORY, Frank The Jock will go one on one with Dat Kid From Jersey in a Hardcore Match! And I'm not looking to put together some dream match, I am here to settle the debate. At the Slammys, you'll all see that history was wrong. Dat Kid was not a loser, Dat Kid was and still is The Greatest IWT Competitor of ALL TIME!

    Dat Kid's music starts to play

    Woah, woah, woah, cut that shit off. Did I say I was done?

    @Danielson get out here.
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  2. Aids Johnson is preparing for his house show match, as he wait's watching in the back. "Dat kid, vs Frank the Jock? What a joke? *Aids stops in his tracks* WTF is Danielson going to do*

    Aids cement's his feet in the ground, looking intently into the screen waiting for what is to come. *Aids you're up!* is heard, as Aids is pulled away from the screen to move towards his match. "Tape this shit, Dont let me miss it mother fucker!" Aids yells as he is being escorted towards his entrance.

  3. *Anon music hits*

    What do you want Kid? Honestly, this little dog and pony show you put together that you call DX is pathetic. You wouldn't know how to lead a stripper into a crack house, and quite FRANKly
    See what i did there
    *crowd laughs at Kid*
    You have nothing to complain about. You've gotten the matches, you've gotten the opportunities.

    Aids, Do you have a win over me?
    Frank, Do you have a win over me?
    Dazzle, Do you have a win over me?
    David, Do you have a win over me?

    The only credible person in this entire company is Farooq, and Victoria Parker. Those are the only two with the intestinal fortitude to even step in the squared circle with me, while you cowards tense up and do everything you can to avoid me. So, while you sit here and give us your sob story, there are guys like me that find it extremely pathetic and it's why I didn't show up to your match. I'm not a follower of no one, and everyone in Anonymous is a leader of themselves. You lack any sort of skills needed for me to even acknowledge your presence. I hope I made this extremely clear, but I'm not sure you can hear me over that massive ego so let me put it out there for you cut and dry. You don't call me to the ring, you don't ask me for help, you don't bring me along for your failure at another company, and you sure as hell don't deserve to sit in this ring and talk about what could have been with everything that's been gifted to your washed up ass.

    *danielson walks off stage*
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    FTJ Theme Hit.

    FTJ Come out and make his the ring and get right in @Dat Kid From Jersey face look at u dumb ass! You complaining about something have been year ago? WTF is ur probalm? The reason why you did not get title shot was b/c you did not it earn it! Yes you came close in are title match to make who would be the 1st EVER IWT WWE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! But the end day you earn a change at a title shot which you did not earn! I EARN THAT TITLE AND THEN WAS SCREW OUT OFF IT! But I am not crying like a little baby like you. But see I relies something hardcore aka a video promo match with not be good enough for are match! As much as I would love kick your ass right now INFRONT OF THIS GREAT CROWD! YOUR LUCKY RIGHT NOW B/C I could I would powerbomb right thogh the stage AGAIN but Jonthern has already told me I can't hit you before are match same go for you or the match is off! I thing this match need to be BEST 2 OUT OF 3 FALL! 1st normal IWT promo ownly 1 for both of us (which vote by the iwt user), 2nd fall VIDEO PROMO 1 promo for both of us (which vote by the iwt user), and 3 fall if needed PPV Picks basic off the TLC PPV. DO YOU HAVE THYE BALL TO TAKE THIS MATCH! PS you have plaining of change to have won the title after I left the fact is you gave up that does not come on me that on you son!​
  5. Shut yo bitch ass up!

    Coming out here in your adult diapers, no selling farts while you try to act like some sort of tough guy. Don't think we forgot about how you slept with Britanica to stay in the title picture. Then you spent the better part of year dodging one match with me and now you want a two out of three falls match?! Frank, I am happy, to grant you your death wish. At the Slammys I have no problem facing you in a 2 out of 3 falls match!

    You must've gotten hit on the head on your way out here to challenge me to something like that. There isn't a person who can out promo me in either of those categories, so it doesn't even matter what the third match is. You could make it a steel cage match, a ladder match, chair match, tables match, hell in a cell, duchess and queens match, texas bull rope match, scaffold match, dictionary on a pole match, an arm wrestling contest, hell you could even make it a bra and panties match because I know that's the sorta thing you're into. The reason I say this is because you won't even make it out of the first two matches for there to even be a third one.

    I'll see you at the Slammys
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  6. OOC: Video promo's have to be fair in this case. This is a sweet addition to the card for sure.
  7. and you say I dont contribute :pity2:
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