Hell in a Cell 10 Biggest HIAC Rumors

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  1. 10. Ronda Rousey Will Be At Ringside
    9. A Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn
    8. Tyler Breeze Wrestling
    7. The Dudley Boyz Set To Win Tag Titles
    6. Dean Ambrose Getting Involved With Kevin Owens
    5. Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania Push Begins
    4. The Rock Returns
    3. Vince McMahon Planning Something Big
    2. Sheamus Cashing In
    1. John Cena Is Dropping The US Title

    Read the debunked rumor explanations.
    What are your thoughts on these rumors or one in particular?
  2. 10. No...not a chance
    9. I think Dolph will stay face, since Tyler Breeze is the heel in their feud
    8. I think Breeze will challenge, but Dolph will cost him the match
    7. I think its the Dudleyz time, New day has been booked very strong recently so I think they will drop the belts
    6. Ambrose vs Owens....yes please and screw Ryback
    5. Reigns will definitely defeat Bray. I think it will be Seth vs Reigns at Survivor Series (calling it, they need a big match) It will be some bullshit if he wins the royal rumble AGAIN
    4. I don't think The Rock will return anytime in 2015
    3. Vince McMahon has definitely backed himself into a corner. I would love to see WWE vs NXT in a Survivor Series Elimination Match
    2. Sheamus will lose when he cashes in
    1. John Cena will keep his title #supercena
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  3. Did you just make up these rumor's on the spot? Not one person has said Ronda will be at rindside. That's just wishful thinking for some people.
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  5. Click the link derp
  6. Sheamus cashing in would be such a waste.

    Cena dropping the title to Breeze would be BASED even though I'm 95% sure WWE will turn Breeze into a bottom bitch.
  7. 10. Fine by me

    9. Don't see it happening just yet. Although it wouldn't surprise me if he did turn heel later in Cena's US open challenge.

    8. Yes, please. I could see him wrestling Cena. But if he's not going to win the belt, then don't put him there.

    7. I don't see it. I assume they'll just copy-paste the ending to it from all the previous New Day/Dudleyz matches with Xavier getting involved and getting put through a table afterwards. I see The New Day dropping the titles at TLC, tbh.

    6. Nope.

    5. Yes. And we're heading straight into the Royal Rumble Rebellion III

    4. Umm, nope.

    3. Words like 'logic' or 'planning something big' and WWE don't gel together. lel

    2. Hopefully unsuccessfully.

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  8. Hey now, you just said in the bets thread that cena would lose to some random person. Don't act like he will win now
  9. I said 'CenaWinsLOL' for the lulz. There's nothing I'd love more than him dropping the title to someone at HIAC, obviously.

    And also, I'm not putting it past WWE that they'd book Cena to win that match at HIAC and go away for two months while still holding the title.
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  10. 10. Dana White's made it clear he isn't gonna allow her to compete at next year's Wrestlemania, and she's already made plans to film a movie (the remake of Roadhouse) during Wrestlemania season next year as well, so I don't see any chance of her showing up to jump-start or further anything for a future angle.
    9. He's feuding with Dolph Ziggler as of last night's Smackdown, so no.
    8. See above.
    7. Hopefully not. If they were ever gonna put the straps on them, the best time to do it imo was the Madison Square Garden show a few weeks ago. Doing a big title switch there would have given any future Network exclusive shows an "anything could happen" type of feeling, plus their (presumingly) final tag title win being in MSG would have been cool for historical reasons.
    They're definitely gonna feud at some point, so maybe they'll run across one another backstage and exchange some unpleasant words as a way of jump-starting Owens' next title program.
    5. Well, winning the Royal Rumble again would technically be the start of his Wrestlemania push, but him defeating Bray Wyatt is almost definitely a foregone conclusion, unfortunately.
    4. Um, no.
    3. Like what? Unless the rumors of Brock's Wrestlemania opponent (which is still a complete mystery to everyone at the moment) showing up to cost Lesnar the match turn out to be true, then I can't see anything earth-shattering happening.
    2. He only would if Kane won the title, and I can't see that happening.
    1. I don't see him dropping the title this soon after winning it back unless my earlier prediction about Braun Strowman answering one of Cena's open challenges and winning the belt turns out to be true. Most likely, Cena will retain the title against whomever and then take it home with him when he leaves for the next two months.
  11. Could definitely see Daniel Bryan as a possible challenger for John Cena.

    Also I willing to bet that The Uso will make a return very soon to challenge for the tag titles. I think there will ultimately be a triple threat tag match at TLC with The Dudleyz vs The Usos vs New Day
  12. Ya know, I bet they're thinking of clearing DB just to pop their ratings.

    It'll be the same scenario as earlier this year, I presume. They brought the dude back just to pop their Network subscribers and then jobbed DB at the Rumble and then did not expect a backlash from the fans. But, they were wrong. January 2016, the Royal Rumble Rebellion III is coming.
  13. Out of all these rumors, I can't see why any one of them would be profoundly good if they did happen.
  14. To add to the number one rumor, he's dropping it to AJ Styles. Yay or nay?
  15. Effin' yay, m8!