12/27 TNA "Open Fight Night" - Aries vs. Roode IV - Discussion

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  2. Aries vs Roode heel vs heel? Holy shit. Wow.
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  3. Roode face turn?
  4. I'll cry if Roode is turning face.

    I have to work, but I'll check this episode out later for sure. Return of D'Z Impact Review threads?
  5. You all laughed when I said Roode was turning! I still say he is.
  6. I can guaran-freakin-tee Bobby Roode is NOT turning babyface.

    Don't be surprised when I say tommorrow: "I told you so".
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  7. And by the way, I don't see a Gutcheck match advertised for tonight, WTF? It's usually on OFN.

    Who knows, maybe they're saving it for the big hyped broadcast next week on 1/3/13.
  8. Yeah he isn't turning, it's to set up a triple threat with Hardy probably.
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  9. Expect a crapload of private messages and spam saying "I told you so", Senhor Perfect. :boss:
  10. Spam is delicious! Well.......not really :sad:
  11. I'll be watchin' and discussin' :tough:
  12. Both of these. Aries effectively stopped Roode from cheating, Roode getting annoyed at that and going after Aries is not a face thing to do at all, a turn would be totally retarded.
  13. We are talking TNA here, you're saying there's no chance something retarded will happen?
  14. Re: RE: 12/27 TNA "Open Fight Night" - Aries vs. Roode IV - Discussion

    Have they done anything really retarded recently (a potential double edged sword there actually, they haven't and they're due one they have and it's par for the course)
  15. Your sig misses Ambrose @seabs
  16. Re: RE: 12/27 TNA "Open Fight Night" - Aries vs. Roode IV - Discussion

    Lol flop of the year ain't getting in...

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    I wouldn't include Dean tbh, he's not had a big impact this year and his fan boys annoy me slightly and it's missing a few guys tbh, no Elgin, Ziggler, Roode or WTTCOTW Still probably the best thing from twittah though.
  17. But he hasn't been a major breakout star/factor this year. 2013 will be the year of Shield and Ambrose.
  18. Oops, thought your sig said 2013, implying the wrestlers you featured were the future of the company. Obviously you wouldn't feature them for 2012.
  19. Will watch but won't discuss.
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