Evolve 12/8 Evolve 18 iPPV Results

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  1. From Prowrestling.net:
  2. I actually think Morrison could work well in DGUSA. Say what you want about him but he is insanely athletic and can have good matches with most.
    I don't need to say anything about the bucks :ryan:
  3. Bobby Fish is the best name ever.
  4. Actually, he didn't wrestle. It was AR Fox vs. Tony Nese (TNA alumni). Just a wrong name typed by the inbred reporter.

    But yes, Bobby Fish is also a great, tehnical wrestler.
  5. Isn't Fish in ROH now? He's teaming with O'Reily
  6. Is there somewhere to watch this?
  7. Yes, that's why he isn't competing for EVOLVE.

    If you wanna pay for it, visit dgusa.tv or wwnlive.com, but if you don't, wait until it comes out on torrents and stuff.
  8. Cheers Testify. Is there a best place for wrestling torrents or is it all the usual?
  9. XWT is my place, I download from there since it's the best I guess. It still isn't uploaded there, though.
  10. Cheers Testify as I wanna start watching more alternative wrestling so needed a good site.