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    Yeah, I'm hopping on this bandwagon too. Gonna spoiler each one cause I know everyone pretty much just wants to read about him/herself. Going in order of highest poster then everyone else I can remember. I don't don't remember you then blame my old brain, or it don't care enough about you to mention you.

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    ive belonged to quite a few forums in my time but never have I met an admin who's as laid back and friendly as you are. You made me feel welcome right away and trusted me enough to make me a mod within my first year. I want to personally thank you for making a site where I can come and be as strange as I want without worrying about being ostracized. Here's to another great year!

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    seaberino my bearded brother. Your sarcastic wit consistently makes me laugh and our banter has been one of the highlights of the site for me. Always a pleasure talking wrestling with you.

    D to tha mutha fucking Z:
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    boy did I think you were a douchebag when I first joined the site. However, soon after I found that creamy nuget centre and we've become great e-buddies, much to Aids' chagrin. Consistently hilarious and a wit as sharp as anyone I know. BB for life brother

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    like your other half, I often find myself agreeing with your opinion. You're a smart dude, even if you're Swedish. Love talking ROH history with you as you seem to be one of the only other marks on the site. Arguably the best mod, you're always fair and friendly. Can't wait to see Cole/Hero.

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    funny, smart, emotional, and a fellow dad. I remember my second day on the site we discussed a new propulsion technology, from then on you've been one of the people I've been closest to on the site. Great times in DX, AD, and IWT. No one ever knew I was the original third member of anon and wrote some of those promos. Well I guess now they do. Those discussions on Skype were extremely fun as well. Come back soon man, we all miss you.

    Big Hoss:
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    you're a generous internet guru who doesn't get enough credit IMO. Hopefully in this new year you're on a bit more and show some of these newbies how cool you are.

    CM Punk:
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    another eccentric Canadian. Hope all is well for you personally, come back soon so we can reform team. Canada.

    Leo C:
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    our resident Brazilian Neymar fan. Back when I first joined you were all over the site and a lot of fun to talk wrestling with. I hope in the new year you can find some extra time to spend on the site as I miss discussing shit with you.

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    our gay love/hate relationship has been something for the ages. I'm either laughing my ass off at your posts, or wanting to punch you in your ginger beard. Face aids > heel aids btw. Keep up the good work Milhouse. Mics bro? Skype bro?

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    when I joined you were absent and you were always mentioned by the older members as a great poster. Soon after I found out they were all right. I always have a great time talking to you about anything as you can usually make me laugh or make me see a side of something I missed.

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    you Michael Jackson voiced, Afro sporting, 36" plasma owning motherfucker! You're always around to make an off coloured joke when it's needed most. Your vids are always entertaining and your taste in music is stellar. It's time you get your US title back, and your bra too.

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    you're an alcoholic, smelly, satan worshipping alien and ily. We clicked right away and it was my pleasure to be the reverend during your marriage to Deathbane. One day I hope to see those pouty lips on my cawk. Save the drama for your mama.

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    Terra woman herself. Your random threads always keep the LR and DX active. You're a nut but that's what we like about you. Don't let a few bad apples spoil the bunch and stick around it won't be the same without you.

    Jose Tortilla:
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    cool guy, needs to be active again.

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    my pres. I'll always be around to be your muscle brother. DMH is great fun and you're a great leader. We seem to have similar taste in women as well, that's always a plus. Here's to another yer of never riding alone.

    Dat Kid:
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    you were the first person to reach out to me a couple days in and invites me into the Wolfpac. That what the best decision I made. It allowed me to see how much fun this site was in a small area which allowed me to be more comfortable in the main site. A master at vid editing I really miss your RAW recaps. I have no doubt you'll be successful in your career cause you're a talented dude. Tons of fun mixing it up with you in IWT as well. I fap to your FRO on the regular.

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    smart, passionate, nice, funny. Everything you'd want in a friend, online or not. It is truly a pleasure chatting with you as you always are able to bring a smile to my face. You're able to take a joke better than almost anyone I know and always have a retort that leaves me in stitches. Never change, you're awesome!

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    nicest guy on here as far as I'm concerned. Loves FF7 as much as I do, would love to have a beer with you brother, it's a shame you're not on as much as you used to be.

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    where did you go? I was going to steal you away from deth. COME BACK!!!!!

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    we should talk more, you're a cool guy.

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    the 12 year old brother I never had. You're alright for a Spaniard and a rising star in IWT. We will meet again and I don't know if I'll be able to beat you this time.

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    one of the most generous people I've ever met. You take a lot of shit but still show up and do what you can to help to help the site. It was fun working with you in IWT. You should save some money and buy a dominoes franchise, it'll pay for itself within 3 months.

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    you're just so nice it boggles my mind. At first I thought it was an act but I came to realize that it wasn't. The work you do can never be praised enough and I'd be crazy if I didn't mention dat a$$!!!

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    come back asshole!!!!!!

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    you're enthusiastic, I'll give you that, but your ginger anger seems to grate on some. You're ok in my books and seem to be able to take my ribbing.

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    newer member and we seem to have a similar personality. Hope you stay active buddy.

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    similar message to hammer but you're meaner :sad1:

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    despite what people say, you always help when we need you too and are funny as fuck. Perhaps the most under appreciated person on the site.

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    I sometimes don't know what to make of you but your effort on the site in fantastic. Keep it up.

    K Lock:
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    TLDR. :jeritroll:

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    you always have great opinions on everything and I enjoy talking anime with you. Wish you were on more often.

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    another member who's cool that I need to chat more with.

    That's all I can think of for now, I'm tired.
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  2. These circle jerk we're all bros threads are coming hard and fast these days.

    and for the record I appreciate @Xanth
  3. LOL the only person who calls me mean
  4. Nah, haven't done much lately. Guess I should get some more time to be online and all that stuff. Well, nevermind. Congrats on your 16K posts and all that stuff.
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  6. WWEF: The only place where mods enjoy seeing men in bras :yay:
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  7. Awwwww, shucks. Thank you, dear. <3 The feeling is quite mutual.
  8. Senhor, you're an awesome guy and congratulations to your one year on the forums! Thanks for the kind words, too :emoji_slight_smile:
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  9. Best description of myself ever. Ly old fart <3
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