18 Things You Probably May Not Know About Dean Ambrose

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    Wow. This was the worst "things you may not know" video I've seen in a while.
    Some facts are outright wrong (he's not the longest running US champion in a single reign. Luger's 523 day reign knocks him off by quite a bit, and Rude held it for 419 days in one reign). Some facts are very well known, and some are just trivial. Heck, two facts are the same, just with different wording

    Not to mention the pretty bad editing done on this.
    If this guy intends to compete with channels like Whatculture and wrestling with wregret. He has a lot of work ahead of him.

    I get that this sounds harsh, and I don't want to come off as a d-bag so I'll try to be constructive. But if the person who made this video sees it. Maybe you should think over the amount of "wacky" cut ins and transitions in the video editing. And look over your facts a couple of times before recording, see if they are actually worth using or not.

    On a positive. The dude doing the talking was good. Spoke clearly and not too quickly.
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  2. I don't really want to watch the video given what you've said, can you give me a run down of the facts?
  3. Dean grew up on the rough streets of Cincinnatti, Dean dropped out of high school. Dean did 2 ROH matches in 06/07, Dean had a stable on the indies, he worked two WWE shows in the same year as a jobber which apparently justifies a run. He feuded with Rollins in FCW, the Foley feud, he left to shoot a movie, his character is inspired by his childhood. He finally got a WWE contract once he added muscle mass.

    That's the long and short of what the video goes through. Probably missed a few. It felt like they stretched out a video that could take five minutes into an 11 minute video to be honest
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  4. Well, to be fair, Ambrose IS the longest reigning US champion under the WWE banner.
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  5. Should of included how Dean was a huge drug user while wrestling down in Puerto Rico
  6. Which is not what the video says. WWE themselves are very clear that Dean is only the longest running champ since they got hold of it. The video says Dean is the longest running champ ever.
  7. I think it is fair to assume if you are selling drugs, you are doing them. Not necessarily the same drugs you sell but still. lol
  8. I didn't know he sold drugs? I just know he was doing a lot of pills and blow down there because it's basically legal and everywhere u can just go into a store a buy a bunch of shit
  9. Actually. The number 1 rule among drug dealers is not to consume.
  10. Not true. Rule 1 is never let no one know how much dough u hold.

    Number 5 is never get high off ur own supply
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  11. Yeah and drug dealers don't like breaking rules :ambrose3:

    I grew up and was friends with many a drug dealer and user, they all used drugs even if it was something different than what they were selling. Maybe it is not the case in your country but that is how it is here in america.
  12. The video talked about it. Who knows if it is true though. Some people say stuff that happened early in life to emphasize a struggle. It is like when you are trying to be an actor and you use pity to get you call backs.
  13. "Your OWN supply"

    That is what I meant by the stuff you were selling or something else. I have yet to meet a drug dealer who isn't using something.
  14. I mean he did grow up in Cincinnati. I'm from Ohio and cincy is by far up there as the shit hole of the entire state
  15. I used to deal a good bit not very long ago. I sold pretty much anything and everything I could aquire. Typically u want to try every batch of whatever u get for urself so u know the quality and purity of what u are giving out to other people.
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  16. OIC. Well, I didn't watch the video before posting...
  17. Yeah it is. I find it funny how people call Cleveland the shit hole when Cini is like 50% worse. lol
  18. It's Ohio. Why split hairs
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  19. Ohio is like that forgotten kid in class. We all know he exists but no one pays attention to him.