Storyline 2 Day left on the calendar, until a beating

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    *A camera begins recording in a strange location. It looks rich, like the living quarters of a mansion, there are 2 beautiful leather chair, and between them, a warm toasty fire. Sitting in one of them, the hulking man known as Alkatz and in the other, a strange, small, old Mexican man playing some guitar like instrument. The song he plays is very quite and relaxing*

    *Alkatz is wearing a fine, silky red robe, with a posh glass of wine in his hand, as he sit, cross legged on his throne*

    Oh? My goodness. How embarrassing. I didn't see you there...

    Well, it looks like you found me in my new villa that I bought with my... hard earned IWT money...


    Ahhh. But alas, The Big Guy brings you here to his palace, to show all of you morons out there, that not only am I strong and sexy. But I am also a very smart and rich man.

    You see my friend to my right playing the guitar. He is an old friend. Where is your Old, guitar playing Mexican friend? You don't have one? My goodness. Poor you...

    Alkatrz has one. Yes I do... He is right there, did you forget already?

    Of course you did, you have the brain of a British man.

    You see that is the same problem I have in 48 hours. I am given the impossible task of fighting an invader to our sweet county. Why is it impossible? Haha. You are sweet.
    You clearly never met this foreign bafoons. They spend their days drinking tea and hunting pheasants...
    But the problem is, there is one of these disgusting, rotten vermins in IWT. He calls himself "Brandon Pain".
    If I wasn't wearing an expensive piece of designer clothing like you I would of vomited.
    "Brandon. Pain" Seriously?
    What kind of dumb bat, shit brick. Has to put "pain" in his name to intimidate people?

    Back where I am from, I made people shit their pants when they saw me, not heard my boy band name.

    Alkatz stands up and looks at his Mexican friend, he walks in front of him, as he continues playing. Alkatrz then suddenly drives his boots through the guitar and into the Mexicans stomach, leaving him crawling in pain and moaning "Not again sirrrr."

    Now Brandon PAin, you are in the fuckey chair right now. Because this isn't any normal match. This is my debut, this is me carrying the legacy of TNG and this is me, kicking your ass!

    Big Guy. Out.

    *The camera pans out, leaving a wide shot of the crackling fireplace, with Alkatrz stood next to it, and the Mexican, crawling on the floor*

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  2. Michael looks over at Christian and Anonymous.

    Michael: We need some more steroid freaks.
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