2 major announcements for the X-division

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    @THG? I hope your watching coz the X-division is about to get interesting

    first announcement

    the x division belt can now be cashed in a bit like the money in the bank contract for the IWT/WHC belt but for this to happen the belt must be defended 5 times for the cash in clause to activated

    second announcement

    at wrestlemania instead of a typical one on one match there will be an ultimate x division tournament taking place for the belt as THG? hold the belt he gets the first spot in the match @David5150 from what I know you were gunna use your rematch clause for mania if so you can have the second spot then for final 4 remaining spots they will be qualifier matches taking place to decide who gets the spots participants to be decided

    any questions gavs here
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  2. I guess i had better win, as i owe THG a loss.
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  3. How can i get in contention for this?
  4. Get yourself in some dark matches to show your worthy of being in contention
  5. Can you give me one?
  6. No dark matches during a PPV.
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  7. i am always ready for dark matches so i could face Roadster
  8. Oh.
  9. it's nearly the end of the ppv so it doesn't matter
  10. No I wanna save that for uprising issue an open challenge and see who responds
  11. Thanks, and i'm making IWT.com thread right now
  12. Still gotta wait. Jono closed the other one last time.
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  13. Yes do it sometime during the week once elimination chamber is all done
  14. I like Nero, one of the few people that actually pay attention to what I say here.
  15. try saying that to the other WWE Forum
  16. So, Is it gonna go like "THG vs. David vs. ???" & "LJK:JL: vs. KJ:LSSKJ vs. JD:SLKFJ" and the winners face off?
  17. Yes I think...