Storyline 2 Matches in 1 day? Not a problem for a professional like Sir Lee!!

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  1. *Eventually, Sir Lee comes out at the 1:05 mark, to an overwhelming response, 80% negative, he would forever be cheered by the upper class in the crowd though, giving him at least some feeling of what it is like to be cheered! Sir Lee Swiftly paces towards the ring, not wanting to waste anymore time!, Before he gets in the ring, he stand still on the ring apron, looking at the crowd, he then smiles, with a very sadistic tone behind it, He jumps over the ropes and into the ring, catching a mic as it is subsequently thrown towards his person*

    Sir Lee: Hey guys, It's been a long time hasn't it....since I've been inside this ring, heck it's been a long time....since I was here, and what was that do??

    *Crowd just randomly chats amongst themselves, desperately trying to remember and prove their recall and intelligence to Sir Lee*

    Sir Lee: TIMES UP MORONS!!! The last time I stepped into an IWT arena...was to place my self firmly into the IC title picture....And it worked, I had successfully manipulated Dazzle into guaranteeing me a title match for what was once his property, by insulting him and attacking him, I got inside him and I got the better of him......Dirty tricks are a clever man's best friend!

    *The crowd viciously boo, Sir Lee just basks it in the same a fan favourite would receive a cheer, smiling in appreciation*

    Sir Lee: Don't you idiots get it? You jeering me inspires me to continue doing sick and twisted stunts like that, it's like a drug to me.....You people are pathetic and your pain and dissatisfaction is what makes me feel alive! And at the Royal Rumble, you'll find out in the worst way possible!!

    Your vigilante hero.....WHO I CALL A NAMELESS COWARD.....will fall to my might, at his first hurdle as champion, he will violently stumble over it, he will be covered in cuts and bruises, his shoddy mask will be cracked...AND YOUR COMMUNIST SYMPATHISER WILL BE UNCOVERED TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!! I do Gods work....And not Dat Slave from Jersey, the REALLLLLL GOD. God would not let people like your IC champion hide themselves, like a filthy muslim, who hides themselves so that no one can know the identity of them, embarrassed of being a part of their false religion! This man knows being Communist is wrong, but he has been consumed by the ways of that sadist Karl Marx.....

    I would discuss Draven in-depth but for all I know he's left the company, not like we would be able to tell seeing as we haven't heard from him since he lost the IC title, that's dedication right?..... Pfft, just like a typical Under-Class douchebag, he just thinks he can get all the rewards with NONE OF THE WORK REQUIRED!!! THIS MAN IS THE EMBODIMENT OF WHY THE IWT WAS SO DEAD BEFORE I CAME HERE!!!!!!

    Finally.......The Dazzling Chavs! The two men management wanted me and my former associate Alias Antonio; Good luck in your match by the way, rooting for you!; to drop our belts to, Because I'm a PROFESSIONAL!! I took the loss, knowing that my time in the Cure was running out....Me and Alis had finally outgrown that stupid concept....I had also outgrown my putrid former persona!!

    *Crowd chants "BEN DOVER"*

    Sir Lee: You people are way too transparent, thinking it would annoy me, I have that name copyrighted, when this hits the TV, either IWT will pay me handsome cash, or it will be edited off the air...Nice try morons....SIR LEE..............ALWAYYYYYS WINS. JUST.LIKE.CAPITALISM!

    Now back to the abominable duo....I face both of these degenerates in separate matches tomorrow, and both of these matches....I'll be victorious, I apologise in advance to the immature teenagers who find them cool still....Their relevance had to die out someday......

    *'Aids' chants begin*

    Sir Lee: Great attention span..........

    *Sir Lee facepalms*

    Sir Lee: One more time.....The Dazzling Chavs may have been the hottest thing in town when they strolled in months ago, but as you learn as a business savvy man like myself, the market changes ever so often. THE MARKET NO LONGER HAS A DEMAND FOR THOSE PATHETIC PARODIES.

    The market is now opening for people like Alias....people like the Order.....And...PEOPLE LIKE SIR LEE!!!!

    And don't you worry, as soon as my demand rises to such heights, it won't stop rising.....I'm going to be the biggest commodity you've ever seen! I've the UK Prime Minister as my sponsor, that's pretty big if you ask me!!

    And speaking of the beautiful region known as GREAT Britain, Not just do I have my pivotal Intercontinental Title Match tomorrow.....I also then have to travel to the UK the same day to face my former rival Gavin....This time though...No more management....I finish what was started in 2013, and then I finish HIS LIFE as well!

    After tomorrow... Not just will the gorgeous IC title be mine.....But I will have also progressed AGAIN in the PWGP tournament...Soon....the Jr.Heavyweight title will become the IC titles best friend, and they're never...ever leaving my sight...At least until the IWT title and PWGP Heavyweight title final come into my precious hands....

    I hope everyone's ready...Because what I will do tomorrow will cause more damage than the great depression sooooo many decades ago!

    *Sir Lee's music plays again as he slowly exits the ring...100x slower than the speed he entered...The shock and awe....Don't respond. Instead, they just stare as he majestically exits the arena*