News 2 names considered for next years hall of fame

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  1. lol Mickie James? If you want to put another Diva in, then induct one of the older/retired ones before you get to the more recent ones, like Leilani Kai.

    Rikishi is a fair induction. May I also suggest Kevin Nash, Rick Martel, Jerry Jarrett and Jim Johnston as possible suggestions.
  2. I am a bit surprised that Mickie James is being mentioned so soon. She hasn't been gone from WWE for too, and she kind of left under a dark cloud after the rumoured thing with John Cena went south. Still, I'm all for it as I always loved Mickie James and had a proper hard-on for her - especially at Mania 22!
  3. PIGGY JAMES SUCK! SHE NOT HOF AT ALL! THIS SHIT IS A JOKE! And The Rock is not retire so why put him in!? When he may have a few more matches in him.
  4. After the car-wrecks of matches he had with john cena? No thanks. WWE have better things to waste their money on than another ridiculous multi-millionare contract with Dwayne Johnson for a couple of sub-par matches. Hell, I don't even like Batista that much and I still think he is a better asset than Dwayne. Just induct him already
  5. @Black_Jesus [Nemesysbr] Uh ROCK CARRY THE MATCH AGAINST CENA BOTH TIMES! CENA THE ONE WHO SUCK! ROCK CAN STILL GO! Just watch his matchest with CM Punk! Though CM Punk was the one who put though match to the top!
  6. I can't tell if this is all a joke or not.
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  7. @Brosnar if ur talking about my post it is NOT A JOKE!
  8. Well, the matches Cm punk had with the rock were average at best, the matches he had with john cena, however, were all top notch matches, some of them legit contenders for match of the year. using simple math,if Cm punk could have good matches with john cena, average matches with the rock, and the rock just had shit matches with john cena. Then who was the one that dragged who down, John cena or The rock?

    Spoiler alert: It was the rock that made the match shitty, not John Cena

    TLDR edition: Cm punk + john cena= Good
    Cm punk + The rock= Not as good
    The Rock + John cena= pure shit
    John cena> The Rock
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  9. biased~
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  10. Whatever you say