{2}Theme Song Battle - John Cena

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  1. Slam Smack

  2. Insert Bass Here

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  3. Basic Thuganomics

  4. The Time Is Now

  1. Welcome, to Theme Song Battle #2, where we get the top whatever number of each superstar's themes, and see which is most popular. Last battle, three themed of Randy Orton we put up, the most favorited, being Burn in My Light. This week, the face of the WWE, John Cena!

    June - November 2002
    Slam Smack by R. Hardy

    Nov '02 - Feb '03
    Insert Bass Here by DJ Case

    March '03 - March '05
    Basic Thuganomics by John Cena (a.k.a. Word Life)

    March '05 - NOW
    The Time is Now by Tha Trademarc & John Cena

    Song Of The Day (open)

    This will be a series where I'm only starting now, where I'll put a random song, ASSOCIATED, with the wrestler in question in here. There will not be vote on this song.

    On this Cena addition, we have 12 Stones - We Are One, during his time with The Nexus

  2. Wordlife, practically by default.
  3. Word life.
  4. Going with My Time is Now. Always liked that theme.
  5. Word Life
  6. Word Life. I loved Cena those years tbh. Then he recorded My Time is Now and in my opinion isn't a great theme.
  7. Word Life for sure. My time is now has probably the most irritating tune in wrestling ever :finger:
  9. Word Life, it is more aggressive, and better fit his character out of any of these songs did at the time. It's also a more raw feeling. His current theme isn't as bad as people make it seem(it's just over played), but still I don't really see how it fits his character right now. The second one is a great beat in my opinion, but not good for a wrestler theme. The first one doesn't fit Cena at all, and it is just generic, which I'm sure the reason being is because he was new at the time.
  10. Um guys, the this one, aswell as the third one is done. I'm making the fourth one now before I go on mah hols.
  11. Just like Orton, they all suck.

  12. lol bullshit
  14. I like Basic Thuganomics because it was the one that fitted him during that time. My Time Is Now is good too, but it's been overplayed so yuck.
  15. I voted for My Time is now
  16. I liked word life when he had the "thug" image. It wouldn't suit John now. My Time is Now fits him.
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