20 Most Impressive Physiques In WWE History

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. -PWMania


    Where is Chris Masters?
  2. Lance




    who the fuck came up with this lol
  3. WWE.com

    But be fair, R-Truth looks awesome, even for his age.

  4. He has a six pack and decent pecs. Top 20 physique of ALL TIME in WWE? no change in hell
  5. Is this what Joey Styles gets paid to do at work?
  6. I'm sure 10 year old children will find this interesting....
  7. Hogan, Warrior, Masters, etc...
  8. Where is the ryback?
  9. Shock Triple H is 3rd, when was the last time he wasn't in the top 5 of something on WWE.com? :lol1:
  10. Haha true, but this one is deserved imo.
  11. As much as Dolph's hate's him, where's Randy Orton?
  12. True story dude. He looks killer.
  13. Mr. McMahon? :shock: I don't really understand this list.... someone shed light on it please?
  14. [​IMG]

  15. A bit of a weird list to say the least.
  16. WWE.com lists :lol1:
  17. @[tgill85] Big Show is only impressive in stature. not physique. Physique entails having noticeable muscles whilst Show is more fat than beefcake.
  18. Triple H has man tits & Jesse "The Body" Ventura needs to be here, along with Paul Orndorf
  19. Randy Orton, JoMo not here = :gtfo: