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  1. Hey All,

    I've been watching several Royal Rumble matches lately in order to get myself excited and prepped for this years Rumble. Well, I began watching the 2009 Rumble and the shows opening segment showed the confrontation between Stephanie and Orton, Orton ultimately punted Vince in the head...this lead to Orton winning the rumble and then battling triple h.

    It dawned on me how awesome Orton was during this time. He was sadistic, unpredictable, and played a great character. I would love to have this Orton come back for while. I think he could come back as a face with this character.

    Obviously he would have to be a little more controlled if he's a face, but Orton could have that same mentality as he did in 2009: no regard for hurting others to get what he wants. It would remind me of stone cold a little bit. Whether he's in the ring with a face or heel, if he gets upset with them, he simply pretends to be composed and "hits an rko out of no where." I think it would be brilliant.

    What do you all think? Good idea? Bad idea? Thoughts ?
  2. I think they may go for something like this now that he's back (since he'll be a face and all).
  3. I really hope so. I would love to see this Orton battle Seth Rollins, triple h, bray Wyatt, etc
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  4. Only to lose to Lesnar :smug:
  5. They had the next Austin in their pockets, in fact Orton would have been bigger than Austin

    The bastards ruined it though. It was the suits holding Orton back again. Which is why we are in the mess we are in. The best in life always get held back
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  6. 2009 Orton was badass!

    Orton who turned face two weeks prior to SS was on fire, hopefully he'll keep that intensity once he's back.
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  7. 2004-2006 was when I liked him. The cocky heel thing fit him well. Being "The Viper" and all was so boring and sometimes cringe worthy.
  8. True. Most likely he would've lost to Lesnar. But regardless, his character would be so much better as a face 2009 orton
  9. I hope so, too. I haven't been interested in Orton since forever... But this could revamp him to a whole other level
  10. True he was good back then. But I feel his 2009 character was awesome. He was so vicious and didn't care at all.
  11. Well it was also Orton holding Orton back. For a while there, his attitude was piss poor and I guarantee he would've had a lot more success had he not been such a whiny bitch.
  12. you overthink it lad

    orton was heel, your meant to hate him.

    he did what it said on the tin

    orton needs to be stimulated

    the best in life cannot be distracted with friverlous things. hence why i am on the dole, because no job is smart enough for me
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  13. I don't get what the fuck you're saying, but sure.
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  14. i am saying, wwe should have given orton what he wanted

    he had the company by the balls, as he was/is the best wrestler there. orton could have taken the business to new heights, but they fucked up, as they did not give the man the tools to do the job.
  15. I need to hate his tactics in matches and his actions outside of them.

    I hated the character he was portraying. Even when he was a face.
  16. he popped the crowd with his wrestling as a face. at the end of the day, he did what a babyface should do

    blame the character on the company. orton is one the best mic men of all time, maybe the best
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  17. don't really agree...orton was on that road but was way too pompous and arrogant and they had to suspend him....take him to anger management, etc.....he kind of fucked himself over, too. If any other star was acting like how Orton did, they would've been fired or brought down a lot...like crazy...but Triple H and Ric liked Randy so he got special treatment....same thing with Dave Batista....but Dave didn't get in trouble like Randy did.
  18. wwe were being slef-rightious

    who gives a shiny shit if orton was a prick. he delivered in the ring and at the gate, which is what matter, at the end of the day.
  19. True but you also need a guy who's reliable and can work with people backstage. That matters, too.
  20. I like a lot of what Orton has done during his career, very rarely do I have a problem with him and most of the time when I do have a problem it seems to be more related to how he's getting booked rather than what he's doing himself.
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