2012 wweforums.net Grammar-Off

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. The only acceptable posts in this thread will be those submitted with the use of impeccable grammar. Those who choose to post using less than perfect grammar shall be not only mocked, but shunned as outcasts for the remainder of their futile lives. Anyone who correctly identifies and amends a spelling or grammar mistake in this thread will be recognized as a superior intellectual being and showered with praise.

    So post if you dare, but know that there will be repercussions to any ignoramus who chooses to lower the collective IQ of this board with a grammatically incorrect post.

    So fellow grammar enthusiasts, what say you?
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  2. I be so damn good.
  3. What standard shall be followed, Dolph's? Conflicts will ensue when there's no definite standard that's applied.


  4. I predicted this would be the initial response. How many adult beverages have you enjoyed tonight?
  5. Is he even considered as an adult? :haha: This is anticipated with a thread like this. People don't appreciate the complex beauty of the language.
  6. This thread brings me joy and amusement. Thank you so much for your supremely intelligent, thought-provoking post, Dolph's.
  7. You have brought up a valid discussion point. Seeing as I've started this thread, I suppose that puts me in charge of this shindig, so I will judge grammar based on what I know best, which is AP Style and Structure. If you do not have your 2012 Associated Press Style Book handy, I suggest you tread lightly because mistakes could be made at any juncture.
  8. Hey, yo. Just one johnny walker rocks, couldnt help but be a douche...its been a couple weeks and i missed it. It wasnt i'll it was I am, changed to I be. I'm would have also worked.

    Ill count myself out of this ish.
  9. I presume Teen Gohan Randy Savage would enjoy this particular thread, given as his grammar is undoubtedly impeccable. Whilst fellows such as "Crayo" charge around using foolish phrases such as "lol" and "rofl" disgusting children of this era whom one would presume do not know the meaning of intelligence.
  10. I donts giz a Fuk Bout Grmmmer
  11. I had anticipated that you would appreciate this exquisite thread and it's contents. I would like to thank you for being a beacon of hope in this otherwise awful world that leaves me feeling little else other than disdain. It is encouraging to know that I am not the only connoisseur of the English language perusing ( :otunga: ) this forum. So, hats off to you, milady.
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  12. ^are you drinking tea with your pinky up while typing with the other hand right now? Impeccable grammar from team nWo.
  13. Going to wait for Dolph and Grammar to fuck up, then rub it in their faces, forever. Better hope I don't catch both of you.
  14. I would presume this to be the case as one with such impeccable panache and grace would never stoop to do otherwise.

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  15. If only you had not butchered the proper form of "it's" this post alone could have had me creaming my panties, good sir. Kudos to you for such a phenomenal post displaying the glory of the English language in such a fine manner, aside from that one transgression.
  16. Very pleased with the individual who had the bright idea to open such a wonderful thread. I am looking forward to see a well made collection of some great grammar and posts. Well done. Good job.
  17. Your last sentence should be divided into two separate sentences. It should properly read, "Well done. Good job." As it is, well, it is an affront to proper grammar and a criminal offense against the English language, good sir.


  18. I will edit the post and leave it in the correct way like you sir, told me.
  19. The last time we had a thread similar to this, I was styling all over GrammarNazi.
  20. I must say, this is quite an interesting thread.