Storyline 2013-2014

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  1. *Rodrigo's theme hits, crowd cheers*

    *Rodrigo steps into the ring takes his hood off and makes the "RAINMAKAHH" pose*


    Commentator 1 (Face) : Rodrigo is here! A former US Champ!
    Commentator 2 (Heel): US Champ? Please, dont lie! That was a fluke! He's nothing! He should be fired by now!

    *Rodrigo then sits one the turnbuckle and hears to the "Spaniard, Spaniard" chants*

    Once the crowd calms out, Rodrigo starts speaking.

    362 days ago, a visionary called Britanica, decided to create a company, a wrestling company, and she called it “Internet Wrestling Titles” also known as the IWT. Since that day, many things have happened. But one thing hasn’t changed; we’ve been giving you the best entertainment in the world.

    *Crowd cheers*

    Commentator 2: We already knew that. Please, get this guy off TV.

    I’m sure all the wrestlers that are back in the locker room have fantastic stories to tell you that have happened during the last year. Oh must not forget other wrestlers that are not here tonight because they’re dealing with “personal issues”

    *Rodrigo waves at the camera*

    Hey Victoria! How you doing? Too bad you couldn’t be with us, celebrating the first anniversary of the IWT. But don’t worry, I will send you a gift. But nothing sharp, they’ve told me it could be dangerous. Anyways babe, take care.

    *Crazy! Crazy! Chants*

    *Rodrigo laughs*

    Oh come on guys, don’t be mean. She was listed as one of the 50 most dangerous human beings in the USA.

    *Rodrigo laughs again*

    I came here to talk about my year in the IWT. As many of you might remember, I took part of (If not the first) one of the first matches of the IWT history. I was the youngest member of the locker room, one year later; I still one of the youngest. I can remember how nervous I was before my first match. Against “The Perfect one”. That night, I lost my debut. He won the IC Title, championship that has held for….a long time.

    Getting to the IWT was my dream, been able to perform on national TV. After two years wrestling on the independent scene, NJPW, ROH, PWG… I decided to accept the offer from Britanica. That day, I told myself one day I would make a name for myself. I picture myself as a HOF, someone who would change pro wrestling’s history. However, that loss against Perfect, made me realize that maybe, I wasn’t ready to go big. This isn’t my country, this isn’t my home. I knew it was going to be damn hard to make history.

    But back then, the glory wasn’t the most important thing. Been able to entertain you, seeing your faces every time we pulled off an impressive move damn…that was and still is glory. After teaming up with Victoria for a few months, WrestleMania I arrived. I don’t really wanna talk about it because most of you already know that story.

    *Rodrigo walks in circles*

    My mother used to tell me that when you’re at the bottom, there’s only one way to go. Exactly, at that time, I had nothing to lose but an entire world to win. And then, is when I achieved one of the greatest things a pro wrestler could dream of. My first and so far only US title.

    *Crowd cheers*

    I had the best performance of my career. And you ‘all know who got his ass beaten. Exactly. Dat kid

    *Mixed reaction*

    Dat Kid, the same guy I fought with at Survivor Series, the same guy I teamed up with to get him back in the IWT. The same guy who said I just “Wasn’t as good as I used to be. He has seen me do better than that”

    All that shit coming from a guy who has been inside a ring two times in the past 5-6 months.

    I know I’ve been going downhill since that day. I left because of Jonathan, the title was vacated, but when I returned, I returned to main event a damn PPV. I was not booked for MITB. And then, The Cure rose. A stable formed by young people who wanted to dominate the IWT.

    Because of health issues, I didn’t get to the first match, which resulted in Sackfist getting his ass kicked. Then at SummerSlam, we got our asses kicked again. Maybe it was my fault, maybe not. But all I know is that my partner “Mr Midcard” aka “Cry my a river” was caring more about me not leaving and accusing for leaving him alone than caring for the match itself.

    I thought sackfist forgot about it but half a year later, all he can think of when he steps into a ring with me is that I left him alone. I still don’t understand how he has the nuts to say that when he abandoned the IWT for months. He likes to call himself “Mr Midcard”, and he call me “A wrestle who was hired only to get some latin viewers”. He also said I didn’t draw and threw to my face the fact I haven’t achieved nothing in my career. Look at you piece of crap.

    *Crowd cheers*

    You call yourself “Mr Midcard” because you know you’re not main event material. You were never involved in a big storyline because the company doesn’t have faith in you. I haven’t achieved nothing in my career? What have you achieved huh? Hey looks like a “Spaniard who doesn’t draw” is owning you. Is too easy to come out here and throw away random insults. It is. But that’s the difference between the guys who will never be important, all the “Mrs Midcarders” and the guys who will make a name for themselves.

    One day, when you’re at home, watching me getting into the Hall Of Fame, you will still be bitching around saying to your 7 cats “That Spaniard, left me alone in a match. He’s only there because of the latin viewers”. You’re appearance at Uprising, it was cool, you remembered this crowd you still exists. Carry on with your “Awesome” career champ. You will one day win the slammy for Hastag of the Year



    *Crowd cheers*

    Now, from SummerSlam till…pretty much last week , my obsession has been the Cure. After fighting against them, helped by Jacob and Adam, for at least 3-4 months, you just gotta admit they’re good.

    By “The Cure” I don’t mean AIDS, the opportunist whore. The guy who will do anything to be in the spotlight.

    *Crowd boos*
    No, No, I mean, you gotta respect what he has done, three times IWT champ. Anyone else in this world can say that. Hate him, love him, you gotta respect him.

    *Rodrigo stares at the camera*

    AIDS, you’re one hell of a man. I have a huge respect for you. But all you’ve done during this year has been to underestimate me and to talk trash about me. I cant wait till the day I finally encounter you in a one vs one match. It doesn’t matter if it’s a title match or not. Bitch, I’m gonna make you sweat and you’re gonna realize that maybe im not that crap.

    *Crowd cheers*

    *Book it! Book it! Chants*

    Anyways, The Cure yeah, look at those guys who used to be in the stable. They’re all young and have the potential to become A players. This year’s summer was the summer of the Cure. I just gotta admit they earned everything they’ve achieved.

    2013 has been one hell of year. But I’m pretty sure 2014 will be awesome as well.

    *Crowd cheers*

    However, 2014 Rodrigo will be different than 2013 Rodrigo. I was a kid when I signed up here. All this world, all this stuff, the IWT.. was a dream. Today, this is a reality. One year ago, I promised myself I would make a name for myself. One year later, today, many of those wrestlers who are back there doesn’t respect me.

    I thought I would get their respect by putting a hell of a show every single night. But I was wrong. At the end of the day, what matters are numbers and the title you’ve won. That’s why, by the end of 2014 everyone in that locker room and everyone that watches this damn promo will respect me. I can put a hell of a match, I’ve proven it before. I just needed motivation and now I’ve founded it.

    *Crowd cheers*

    I want to entertain you and I want to win. I’m pretty sure I can do both. But to win and to make a name for yourself, first you gotta have a match that’s why I’ve got two

    *Crowd shouts “Words for you SUCK IT”*

    *Rodrigo laughs*

    Almost, I’ve got two important things to say.

    First of all, Rodrigo is entering the Royal rumble match. And I can tell you, I’m gonna do everything I can do to win it because, my goal is to leave WM with two titles, the unified title and the title I never lost, the title that has belonged to me since the day I beat Dat Kid. The title has had many holders but only one owner. Me. The Usa Title, now known as the X division title. I’m getting the rematch I never got.

    I’m challenging @D-D-David to a match at the Royal Rumble PPV, for the X division Title. I’m gonna show the whole world im someone who’s capable of big things. I’m gonna be the next X division champ.

    *Crowd goes wild*

    *Rodrigo smirks *

    *Rodrigo heads to the locker room*
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  2. OOC: I can tell you one thing that has changed over the course of this year. Your promos have gone from decent, to good, to great. This one was just a great read and i really enjoyed it. Great post.
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  3. OOC: Very well done promo.
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  4. OOC: *slow clap* good shit
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  5. Thanks everyone. Wanted to finish the year with a solid promo. Glad you liked it
  6. It wasn't a solid promo, bro. It was an epic promo (imo)
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  7. OOC: This was easily the best promo you've ever done. Wonderful job!
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  8. OOC: Good promo dude. Very well written, although Farooq literally challenged me yesterday, maybe after our title match, we could do a 3 way feud. Nice stuff though.
  9. OOC: That was a GOAT promo. I think you and Farooq should have a number 1 contender's match.
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  10. OOC: Might as well add this, I've personally never been a fan of your promos, but this won me over, good stuff again.

  11. *Metal doors close over the entrance to the locker room, the lights go out apart from the tron and a spotlight on Rhod on the stage as the gas masked man appears on the tron and in his deep voice again*

    ???: Such a silly little fellow aren't thou, you come into my ownership and my property and tell your sad story, sad is not a feeling in my life, never has. I show no sympathy to your story, it does not concern me. What does concern me is your demanding of a title shot after months of doing nothing and being a third wheel to some degenerates you don't deserve anything, my minion on commentary said it right, your US Title was a fluke and has been proven when you have been lying on that mat with your head spinning wondering where you went wrong, as previously said I don't feel sorry for you, I just pity you. I could just harm you and destroy everything you love but, you already seem to be miserable enough. You want a title shot, make an impact next time.

    *The man opens up the doors to the locker room*

    Enjoy your night.

    *He snaps his fingers and the lights go back to normal*​
  12. No cameras were harmed :phew:
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  13. Damn it. Next time.
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  14. You decide, youre the champ. When's your title match?
  15. The event after The anniversary. But Nicks idea was better, you and Farooq could have a contenders match.
  16. Just my thoughts but a 3 way would be cool, its different, it seems we are always just having one on ones.
  17. I would be up for a 3 way, perhaps at RR, we could build it really well