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    because most of our teams are already in their offseason, lets discuss what should happen with our teams

    to say this is a big ass offseason for Oakland would be a monumental understatement. A huge portion of ignorant fans for years said the Raiders would be better off with Al Davis dead, and so far that's been far from the case. McKenzie has been purging our roster which I suppose had to be done, but now its time to see what he's got. He has a full slate of picks and a bunch of cap space, but also some key free agents of his own. So far we haven't seen much with his limited cap space and draft picks to work with, but he has been more 'miss' than 'hit' in both areas with the chips he has had to play with. He was also a part of enabling Allen to run Pryor's stock into the ground, but that's another thing.

    Raiders FAs of note:
    LT Jared Veldheer- we can't let him hit the open market. lock his ass up long term
    DE Lamarr Houston- had his best season and is our best DL, but probably better to let him walk than overpay to keep him. he isn't a game changer most days
    RB Darren McFadden- no chance he is back
    S C-Wood- wouldn't mind bringing him back one more year if he doesn't feel like hanging em up quite yet
    CB Mike Jenkins- played well enough that I'd give him another 1 year deal and let him compete for playing time next year
    WR Jacoby Ford- I can't advocate bringing him back, too fragile. can be a true game changer when healthy though from the slot or returning kicks
    RB Rashad Jennings- give him a 1 year deal and draft a RB in the 6th/7th round to compete for carries

    FAs the Raiders should target with their abundant cap space:

    Jared Allen- we haven't had a decent edge rusher since Derrick Burgess. he is from northern California and is only 31.. I would give him a 3/4 year deal worth big money. I think this can be a huge step in the right direction for our D

    Alex Mack- one of the top centers in the league and sticking with the theme of dudes from CA, he went to Berkeley. Signing Mack lets Wiz jr slide back over to LG where he excelled as a rookie. then we just need a RG and the line is set with Big V-Wiz Jr-Mack-FA/Draft-Watson (2nd r pick out of FSU last year)

    Michael Vick- Keeping up the theme of having competition at each position I would try to bring in Vick on a 1/2 year deal to compete with a first round rookie. Pryor is going to be traded and McGloin can stick around as third string, which is about the extent of his capability. In my dream world we can trade up to #1 to get Bridgewater, but realistically we take whoever we rate the highest at #5 and have him compete with Vick, ultimately hoping he takes the job obviously. Vick isn't going to stay healthy for 16 games but he is a great backup who can give your team a boost if the starter goes down

    WR Hakeem Nicks- Disappointing contract season means we maybe get him cheap if the Giants let him walk. I love his potential, maybe if we pay him like a #1 and treat him like a #1 he will perform like it. I think once Cruz emerged he sort of tuned out when he wasn't being featured in a lot of games.

    @Danielson give us that Giants scoop.
    @Snowman how do the Ravens get back on track
    @pottsy946 whats next for Chicago after dat lulzy Cutler contract?
    @Varus who the Lions gonna hire?

    tag other users to get more teams. I can't think of any more atm

    all of our teams suck lol
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  2. From what I heard Tedd Ginn is going to be a free agent, I think he would make a solid target for Stafford. Next thing is keep Fauria, the dude is a beast and has kept us from being blownout from time to time. Get rid of Chris Houston ASAP, I could out run this goober for christ sake.Draft Sammy Watkins as soon as were on the board. I'm kinda skeptical on Reggie Bush as of now, Joique can obviously do fine on his own.It would also be great if we got another kicker,sorry Akers but your out of your prime son.
  3. I think the bears resigning Cutler was a smart thing for now. But the amount of money they're paying him is ridiculous.
  4. Don't agree with getting Vick. Dude is just too injury prone. As for losing McFadden, doesn't bother me at all, Jennings proved he could handle the job well when McFadden went down. The focus IMO should be on D and on QB.
  5. He should come on the cheap and a short term deal. Its a no risk scenario, and if he gets hurt we 'still have McGloin' like that is some great thing. Obviously the focus at QB is getting a young guy to develop in the first round
  6. Haven't we done that like five times now? Can we get Gannon out of retirement?
  7. only QB we drafted in the first was Jabustass
  8. Felt like forever dammit
  9. RIP to any team that drafts Johnny Manziel
  10. yea I will die a little inside if McKenzie does that dumb shit

    then again I thought Cam would be a huge bust so who knows
  11. It guts me to see that he's the favorite going into the draft
  12. Bridgewater >>
  13. The Texans are going to mow over everyone once they draft Bridgewater.
  14. Heard they are looking to deal the pick. I'd give the #5 pick and next year's first to get his ass
  15. Allen sees the writing on the wall that next year is make or break for him to show improvement and wants to get all of his assistants an extra year of guaranteed money for if they fail next year. hopefully it isn't a huge issue, seems like Mark Davis is being reasonable giving Allen another year with his staff in place, DA needs to get over the fact that they won't have security past next season.
  16. Shall just reply to this in here:
    Looking at our free agents real quick:
    -The first two they should talk to as you say are Dennis Pitta and Eugene Monroe. Gotta keep both of these guys. If Ed Dickson can come back on the cheap for depth and continuity that'll be fine too.
    -Looks like the good story of Michael Oher is coming to an end, he's had so many chances and simply isn't a good player. Say goodbye to Mount Cody as well.
    -Not sure how much James Ihedigbo and Corey Graham will want in the open market, but would like to see them back. Daryl Smith and Arthur Jones have played their way into not being affordable, and we've groomed their replacements already. On the flipside, bringing back Jacoby Jones should be affordable since he's a 30 year old burner.
    -Another FA to keep your eye on may be James Jones. Flacco had a lot of his success with old veteran receivers, and he's the closest thing on the market except Anquan Boldin of course. Would be odd to see him come back though. (Our memories are so much fonder than his play, haha) If we don't take a wideout in FA being 3rd in the pecking order in the draft isn't too much to ask at all.

    I'm not sure what the answer is to the issue of "we can't stop bigger running backs". Guys like Bell and Lacy carved up our defense. On top of that, the 4th quarter struggles for the Ravens' D have been well documented. Maybe they have the answer for that, although assume losing Ray's leadership played a big part in that.

    They're throwing around too many backloaded contracts already, assuming they're going to throw another at Suggs to relieve some cap space this year. Flacco's due to make 14 mil but will make 28 mil in 2 years (that shit's definitely going to be restructured). Am leaning "offensive line" for the struggles of the running backs. Rice has a ton of carries and had a hip injury, but that doesn't explain why Pierce was barely more effective moving the ball after being so good last year. Losing Birk hurt MUCH more than even Reed and Lewis. Flacco was the second-most sacked QB but he holds onto the ball too long (and usually has to), but still. Dumping Juan Castillo, changing blocking schemes, new players... Any change is better than no change.

    Definitely a lot of optimism up in Baltimore for next year as there's a ton of teams who'd LOVE to be in our position. There's still only a few holes to fill on this roster, so lets fill them up and make another playoff run. :win:

    Absolutely worth it. Don't think the Texans will flip that pick though, but there's a 90% chance the Rams will move down. You can jump up to #2 for Bortles (hoping he pans out but really have no idea) With Carr embarrassing himself in the bowl game and Hundley going back to school don't you have to trade up?

    Heard rumors that Chud was fired in Cleveland because Manziel to the Clowns is a lock and he wasn't having it. But you know how draft rumors are though.
  17. So essentially Houston will go QB at 1, STL wants to trade out, probably to a team wanting Bortles or Clowney and the Browns are locked into John Football at 4. is there any other top 10 QB prospect besides Carr? What happened with Boyd?

    if we don't go Q I guess I could live with Clowney or Watkins.

    SIgn Jared ALlen and Draft Clowney. pass rush issues eliminated
  18. Here's a fairly good article about him, lots of the criticisms are mirrored by other draft sites I've seen (inconsistent, some struggles under pressure, height... really, I thought "height" wasn't a thing to scoff at anymore with QB's after RG3 and Wilson)

    Everywhere I'm seeing is pegging him as a high 2nd rounder, if that holds up the Raiders can take him and his buddy Watkins and be ballin
  19. Lots of options for sure, we will find out what McKenzie is made out of