2014 predictions/wants

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  1. anything you guys have been thinking of for this coming year??
  2. Ron Simmons returns to fight one more match at Wrestlemania, versus the Undertaker. We get the most epic build up, a refreshed Ministry of Darkness and a new Nation of Domination. The two teams battle off at Wrestlemania while Ron and Taker fight in a singles no holds barred match. It's a close match, but Ron wins via Dominator and helps Taker out of the arena. The End.
  3. Would really like to see a stable with Cesaro/Punk/DB/Rollins etc.. You get the picture, my dudes.
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  4. I wanna see this man on my TV again:

  5. He'll probably be part of the 2014 Hal Of Fame class, so you might get your wish.
  6. Wants:
    For Cesaro to become world champ, for each Shield member to become succesful, for Dolph Ziggler to become world champion or at least for the WWE to give him something worthy to do, Punk to retire, Show to retire, Miz to get fired, and just some really good story lines is the main thing I hope for.
    Reigns will be big, Bryan will become champ some time, Wyatt's will turn face, Lesnar will be champ too, and Cena will be on top as usual, probably Orton too.
  7. Wants: Bryan winning the title at Mania 30 and having a Benoit Mania 20 type moment.
  8. I want Ziggler to be an actual main eventer. Is that too much to ask for!? :why:
  9. I don't watch that.
  10. Ziggler vs Cesaro in a 10+ minute PPV match
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  11. They've actually had really solid matches on Superstars and on Main Event, but on a PPV, damn that would be awesome.
  12. Main Event and Superstars, twas PPV quality.
  13. Sami Zayn to move up.

    Cesaro to explode.
    Bryan to go stratospheric.
    DZ to become champ.
    Show to retire.
    Taker to retire after WM undefeated.
    Khali to leave.
    Ryder to be on TV.
    More Brad Maddox.
    Less HHH.
    Henry to win the big one.
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  14. Predictions: Bryan wins the Rumble and wins the title at WM30, Jericho returns to put another wrestler over, and the Real Americans claim tag team gold.

    Wants: Cesaro gets a well deserved singles push, Ambrose gets to delve into his character as a singles wrestler, Zayn and Breeze make it to the main stage, Show doesn't main event another PPV unless it's his final one, Orton magically develops mic skills and becomes interesting, Bryan gets a more interesting character, Miz, Khali and Brodus get relegated to Main Event/Superstars only, and Xavier Woods gets a really good push.
  15. :yes:
  16. Predictions

    - Roman Reigns will win the WWE title
    - By Summer, Bryan will be back in the mid-card
    - Dean Ambrose will have a WWE title match
    - WWE will start planning for CM Punk's retirement
    - The IWC will absolutely hate Batista after a few months
    - A new stable will form, made-up of NXT guys
    - Paige will win the Diva's title from AJ


    - Less programming: brand split to return, RAW 2 hours, SD goes live, ME and Superstars scrapped, fewer PPVs
    - Triple H to take some time off our TV screens
    - Big E to have a long IC title reign
    - The Shield v The Wyatts to happen
  17. Undertaker continuing his streak.