Basketball 2015 March Madness Tournament

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  1. Well it's that time of year with arguably the biggest event of college basketball, the March Madness tournament! The tournament this year starts on March 19th, 2015 so a little over 3 days left until games start airing.. If you're interested in discussing any parts of the tournament this year go ahead and do it here since we don't have an NCAA Basketball thread.. There's not much else airing during the weeks the games are on other than basically professional Basketball so I'll be watching several of the games seeing as I only watch a few select teams in the pros.. also March Madness tourney is a big gambling event as well so if you make any bracket predictions or whatever post em here so myself & others can see what you think?

    Feel free to check out the bracket for the tournament as it has been released tonight on 'Selection Sunday'!
  2. Hampton beats Manhattan and Ole Miss beats beats BYU in a thriller to gain access to the actual 64-team main part of the Madness tourney.. Robert Morris & North Florida face off tonight as well Dayton vs Boise State to see which two of those 4 teams also get into the actual tournament.
  3. You gotta be fucking kidding me.. #3 Iowa State and #3 Baylor were both upset by the #14 seeds UAB and Georgia State.
  4. Iowa State was in my Final Four :(
  5. In one of my brackets both Iowa State & Baylor were in my final four..
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