Football 2016 - 2017 Football Season Discussion Thread

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    Football 2016 - 2017 Discussion Thread

    It's coming home, it's coming, football's coming home!

    It's upon us folks. The 2016-2017 BPL season kicks off on August 13 and runs on until May 2017.

    Will Leicester be able to be defending champions? Will Manchester United or Chelsea return to glories past? Will Boro, Hull or Burnley be able to stay up, or go back down?

    The greatest sport in the greatest league is back.

    EDIT: Oh, and all those other leagues as well I guess
  2. So, what shall we do for the rest of the leagues (Bundesliga, Spanish Primera, Serie A), create separate threads?
  3. I'll edit the thread title.

    Most people on here talk about the premier league. But the other leagues can hang in here until there's enough interest to justify a separate thread
  4. Cool. Thought it'd be better to do what Gav did last year creating a general footie discussion thread.
  5. Spurs to finish below the gooners for the 500th seaon in a row:fact: Only thing I can look forward to:jeritroll:
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  6. The Chosen one, David Moyes is back in the premier league. New manager of Sunderland
  7. He will do a good job, better manger then the guy he replaced, just not on that top tier level
  8. Agreed. He tends to do better with smaller clubs with less expectations of constant gold from what I have gathered
  9. Another year of Koscielny pocketing Kane :jeritroll:
  10. He is obviously trying to copy his Idol and all round best player in the world

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  11. Watching Spurs vs Juventus right now. Pretty obvious that our u21 central defenders need to go out on a loan spell. There's an obvious gap between u21 play and top team play.

    They're not bad but they just have not taken that final step up on senior level and have a problem catching up to Juventus strikers
  12. UEFA Super Cup: Real Madrid vs Sevilla on Tuesday. Looking forward to it.
  13. Screenshot_2016-08-05-22-59-25.png

    and they thought it was gunna be easy welcome to the championship! would love them to do a leeds
  14. Yesterday my dad and I made the drive to the Swedish city of Östersund for the nort Sweden derby in the Swedish Prem. My dad lives in a city called Sundsvall which up until this season was the only club in the north of Sweden to have a spot in the prem, but Östersund managed to get promoted for this season so now we have proper derbies up north. And the 2 hour drive is a breeze.

    It was probably my best football experience live, 8208 people packed the arena and the weather and mood was on point. Unlike the Stockholm derbies, who always end up with people being sent away in cop vans and ambulances, the north Sweden derbies are fantastic. Supporters from booth clubs just hang out, sing, eat and drink together. Great mood all around.

    Sadly Sundsvall lost 4-0, which in the grand scheme of things is fair I guess since they won the reverse fixture 5-0. But they played pitifully yesterday and it is a shame watching the team you root for lose by that type of margin. Both teams are sitting safe for now and I don't see either side get relegated so hopefully there will be plenty more north Sweden derbies in the top division to come.

  15. Hyped for Leicester vs Man. Utd today.
  16. Having watched the game, Fulham got off easy. Two obvious hand balls in the penalty area that the referee ignored
  17. yes they probably were to be honest but its the championship teams get screwed over all the time on another note that piece of skill by odoi was outrageous
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