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  1. @deth

    I worked last night but it seems the game went as I expected (and @Vapor for that matter)

    Broncos aren't a team that needs great QB play to be successful. That defense is only going to get better once their new starters gel and they get Talib back... and CJ Anderson still looks to have his 2nd half of last season form going.. The offense around Semen is really good.

    Kelvin Benjamin looking healthy is great to see. Carolina will be fine, they could end up top 5 on both sides of the ball if they stay healthy. I think the offense has that type of potential. The main issue for me w/ Carolina is I expected them to have some kinks on defense... defending the pass.. they start 2 rookie CBs.. but it was really CJ Anderson and the rushing attack that gave them trouble, something I didn't expect.

    Also, I don't care how many times it works out... the "wait until the ball is about to be snapped to call a timeout" is a stupdi strategy. You are giving the kicker a practice stroke. Its nonsense. Want to ice the kicker? Do it before they snap it and get a test drive.
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  2. I know this is exactly the type of comment sports fans hate to see, but...

    I kinda want to watch this year, but I'm Irish and don't have a team to support. So, who should I support. I'm thinking a low team, like Tenesee Titans ATM.
  3. Jump on the raiders bandwagon. They have a big international following
  4. follow the Giants. Coming to UK this year, decent squad this year. We also have a pretty decent international following from what I've seen
  5. BILLS MAFIA BABY WOOOOOOOOO. Haven't been to the playoffs in 16 years so we're the ultimate underdogs WOOOOOOOOO. Every year we say "this is the year" so...


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  6. Oh hell. Thanks to a miscalculation I won't have the internet for a week, just in time to miss this great game. Aye DK, all trash talk aside good luck today and SCREW YOU LOCAL TV. FML. FYL once I'm done with you. Grr.

    Jags win, heard it here first
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  7. Bills down by 3 at the half. Could be worse. Still got plenty of hope. Let's go.
  8. This Raiders game is fucking nuts.
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  9. Prescott > Romo
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  10. Fitz with a nice catch!
  11. Hahaha suck it Palmer!
  12. That was a great game, glad to see the team start the season with a win for once.
  13. Raiders.
  14. Cowboys suck lol
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    I always liked Raiders, not because of how they play but loved their logo :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Buccaneers too XD

    Never actually watched football because of timezones but love Madden (yeah, I know it makes absolutely no sense :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
  16. How about them Bucs on top of the NFC South.
  17. Great close games yesterday. Though, today is time for my Skins to beat the Steelers
  18. Rams need a fucking QB.
  19. sigh
  20. What an embarrassment. :mj:
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