24 Times WWE/WCW Booked The Wrong Guy To Win

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  1. 24 Times WWE/WCW Booked The Wrong Guy To Win

  2. A few in their I thought of. My ones were.

    Goldbeg losing the title/steak. Goldberg would have lost eventually though but they ended it to soon and the cattle prod thing was silly.

    Undertaker vs Lesnar. Undertakers streak coming to an end I was fine with in theory. However it should have been his retirement match as taker is old school and you go out on your back. Or you end it by putting over an up and coming wrestler. Lesnar was apart timer and did not need to be put over. Undertakers loss achieved nothing for Taker, Lesnar or the WWE in general IMHO.
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  3. I fully agree on that topic The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania to Brock Lesnar was the worst possible move ever! Anyone who feels otherwise:finger:
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  4. I would have been fine with him losing, just book it well.
  5. How do you book that well? How do you book breaking the streak by a part-timer well?
  6. They shouldn't have had him lose to Lesnar it would have been more fitting to let Bray Wyatt do it and maybe he would not be a jobber for the stars.........Saying that because I believe that Bray Wyatt could have been the new Undertaker like figure in the WWE
  7. It would make no sense for a young guy to beat the most respected active competitor and his legendary streak. Brock Lesnar is a, known, physical icon, a legitimate fighter and a proven monster. He was the perfect guy to end the streak. My gripe was that The Undertaker continued to wrestle, when it could'v been a great ending to his career.
  8. It makes alot of sense to me it's passing the torch (Bray Wyatt with alot of time and dedication could have been the new Undertaker) Why not have him win? Instead you let the beast win a guy that would be a beast with or without beating the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and on top of that Lesnar may be leaving WWE altogether in the near future the win was pointless
  9. Was it? They've probably made more money in the last 30 months, with Lesnar, than Lesnar's entire career, up until that point. Not to mention it was believable, and it launched Brock Lesnar into a completely new light. Everyone of his matches feels big, his opponents automatically seem more important, he makes everything look believable. He was a perfect choice. Having someone like Bray Wyatt, who at that point, had been 8 months into his latest main roster run, or anyone else wouldn't have made sense. How could Undertaker withstand 4 amazing matches at WrestleMania against Triple H and Shawn Michaels (one of which was inside a Hell in a Cell), but not withstand Brock Lesnar? Because it's Brock freaking Lesnar. He's been built up as a one man army, and has proven it through his strength and skills.

    Brock Lesnar breaking the streak did wonders for WrestleMania 30, the streak's legacy, Brock's career and WWE's bank account.
  10. Could have been the same for whoever ended the streak that fame and glory your speaking of would have catipulted whoever to the top of the WWE not just Brock he was already there.....I always thought he was a big draw way before the streak.
  11. Not exactly. Brock Lesnar has continuously built upon his momentum, because he doesn't need booking (like you said at the end of your post) to get him over, but when you mesh natural overness and amazing booking, you get a once-in-a-lifetime kind of talent and run. While any other guy would've gotten a big rub, but wouldn't pose as a major threat since they aren't to be believed as someone who broke the streak.
  12. I think we both have good points obviously my favorite wrestler is The Undertaker I really wanted him to retire undefeated at WM and In my very biased opinion I felt if he lost it should have been to someone who could have took his role in the WWE so to speak
    (A God like figure) :shovel:but instead it was death to the streak........ had Brock looking like:brock3:
    Then me sitting there like:blackshock:Wtf!
  13. This.

    Before Taker, Brock was wrestling big show at the royal rumble. After Taker, Brock was reinstated as a proper beast and not just another "big guy".

    Bray vs taker on the other hand (when it did happen) should have had bray win.
  14. Taker should've quit after the HIAC match
  15. Taker should've quit after he was 20-0. After that, I couldn't care less what would happen to the streak, tbh. Glad Bork ended it, though.