Storyline 29 will fall, 1 chav will rise

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  1. *the camera cuts to gav who is stood waiting to address the crowd*

    ( Gav the chav ) orite you little cheeky ****s just thought I'd come along and speak to you all for a bit

    *gav the chav chant echoes around the arena *

    You see right me and 29 other men will enter this ring throwing each other out until one of us is left standing Now jwab might tell you he's gunna win or aids might say he's gunna win or maybe even our gm might decide to show his face and tell you he's gunna win the royal rumble but I'm telling you all this right now i guarantee im gunna win the royal rumble because you know what right i have nothing to lose if aids or jwab and everyone else in fact don't win the rumble thats it for them there chance of main eventing the biggest show on the calender is gone now one might 'gav you little silly **** if you lose you won't be main eventing the biggest show on the calender' now id be telling you that your having a fucking giggle right there

    Now when you leave this arena tonight i want you tell all your friends and family that gav the chav is back and he is planning on reclaiming his IWT championship i still have my rematch clause and I fully intend to use it so joey bryant @DK James aias antonio @THG? Good luck tonight by the way One of you will be iwt champion by the end of the week but don't you be getting to comfortable because I'm going be waiting in the wings to reclaim my belt And neither of you are gunna stop me you fucking cheeky ****s so good luck tonight you will be hearing from me again soon