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Discussion in '2KCW' started by Roadster, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Made for all your off-topic and banterful post. This will be loosely moderated. Don't break any league and/or site rules or deliberately bully someone and you shall be fine. Have fun.
  2. Goodshit fam
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  3. I don't think he's a zebra nor an anus. zebras cant even type so youre obviously so fucking wrong god youre so fucking wrong fucking idiot learn to do youre rufking job for once

    (sorry @Gino Bambino for any confusion that @Roadster might've brought but for the record you're a human being and not a zebra anus)
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  4. Godbless
  5. @CiV you mention something about making an arena for the other leagues...think you can whip something up for ya boys? :ksi:
  6. I've got something in mind, will mess around with the arena creation today.
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  7. Can't wait to make Vader and smack the SHIT about of Indy hahahaha
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  8. @CiV - what's the deal bruv?
  9. got super busy, things are slowing back down this week hopefully.
  10. When you're down and ready, contact Drag to get the match done.

    Thanks for telling me.
  11. We need a few more members smh
  12. Indeed
  13. @Drag @CiV - You lads want to have your match on 2KCW 1 (our first show)?
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