2KCW Preseason: Friendlies

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    This is the 2KCW preseason. While we await for a substantial number of people to join, we're gonna have some preseason friendlies. What does that mean? It means that these matches won't be for ranking, titles or contendership, however. This is exhibition to kick start your career in 2KCW, and invigorate 2KCW. I hope to have our first set of Friendlies to take place within this week. Considering we only have 2 Xbox players, we won't likely have any friendlies on the Xbox side until we gain more members. If you wish to compete, say so here and tag an opponent of your choosing.

    Current Matches:
    @Trevor~ vs. @Indy
    @CiV vs. @Drag

    Available Opponents:

  2. Yeah I'd like to face @anyone.
  3. @Trevor~
  4. Sign me up for literally anything
  5. Who you wanna face?
  6. Literally anyone.
  7. You'll be facing @Drag
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  8. If anyone else has 2k17 i'd be down but fuck that 2k16 shit
  9. Doesn't 2K17 come out tomorrow?
  10. When do you guys think is a good time for these matches to take place? I'm thinking Thursday-Friday, but it should be up to you guys to determine.
  11. yeah
  12. Yessir, gettin it at midnight tho
  13. @Drag @CiV - Is Thursday a good day for you to compete?
  14. Not really. The weekend would be better
  15. Saturday, would be better, I suppose.
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