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    - 2KCW's concept is that of a WWE 2K league. Currently only under Playstation 4, but Xbox One will be introduced when sufficient participants join.
    - 2KCW is a competitive league that involves participants creating and competing with Created Superstars in WWE 2K games for titles and other accomplishments.
    - Participants participate in matches, forge and further feuds, build matches and their character, and compete in tournaments along with, for titles.

    Basic Rules:
    - This league is CAW only.
    - You can do as you wish, but threats, and/or intentional bullying is not allowed.
    - All reports will be reviewed and appropriate action will be taken.
    - In-Character segments are allowed
    - Your CAW is your player, and you may build him up anyway you want.
    - Promoing as your character is allowed.
    - You may, also, promo as a manager to your CAW.

    Gameplay Rules:
    - Spamming contests by stalling, purposely DQing and counting yourself out, and other cheap moves are not allowed. All discretions are encouraged to be reported, and consistent abuse will be handled with appropriate action.
    - Your CAW's Overall may not exceed 95.
    - Dirty Pin is not allowed.
    - All matches are recommended, but not required, to begin with a taunt to show that all participants are present.
    - If conflicting reports of the winner are presented, both involved will get a strike.
    - Stalling includes; constantly leaving the ring and refusing to enter until the count is almost complete. Holding someone in a grapple without performing a move, constantly. Consistently using restholds despite having high stamina.
    - Purposeful DQs include; using a weapon, counting yourself out and hitting the referee until you get DQd.
    - Cheap moves include; holding a weapon and waiting for your opponent to grapple, using dirty pin, constantly hitting running attacks, standing in-ring during a tag match, constantly taunting and refusing to make contact.
    - We plan on having someone record and/or sit-in on matches, but it may not always be present.

    2KCW Concepts:
    - There will be a World Title for both PS4 and XB1 wings.
    - There will be a Midcard Title for both PS4 and XB1 wings.
    - There will be a Lower Midcard Title for both PS4 and XB1 wings.
    - There will be Bi-Monthly Tournaments.
    - There will be Bi-Weekly B-Shows as well as Monthly PPVs.
    - Contenders for titles are determined through ranks.

    - To move up a rank, you need to win 2 matches, in a row.
    - To move down a rank, you need to lose 2 matches, in a row or lose 2 of 3 matches.
    - Rankings will be posted every month.
    - Every match won gives you a Point.
    - 2 Points will change your standing, depending on if you gain or lose them.
    - Winning a tournament grants you automatic #1 Contendership.

    - 2KCW will have bi-monthly tournaments.
    - Every tournament will be single elimination.
    - Every tournament will consist of 8 participants.
    - Entry into the tournament is based on first come and first serve basis.
    - You may challenge others for their tournament slot, and if agreed, it can be held on the line.

    - World Titles will be determined in our first Tournament.
    - Midcard Titles will be determined after a month's worth of matches, with the top 2 ranks receiving a match for the title.
    - Lower Midcard Titles will be determined after a month's worth of matches, with the top 2 ranks receiving a match for the title.
    - You may choose which title you wish to go after, but the limit will, initially, be 5 per title.
    - It will be on first come and first served basis.
    - Depending on how many participants, the number of contenders per title will be adjusted.

    - First Report: You will be warned.
    - Second Report: You will be kicked off of the show and suspended.
    - Third Report: You will be suspended and/or expelled.
    - Fourth Report: You will be expelled.​
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  2. Mildly interested in this. I say mildly because I'd really love to see a return of leagues with no CAW limits. In a slow, generic game mechanic that this era of WWE games has brought upon us, it significantly decreases the fun by essentially slowing down the overall gameplay with limiting the attributes. I'm into making somewhat realistic CAWs, so you won't see a 100 overall Goldberg/Mysterio hybrid from me, but I had no problem facing the max stat burly luchador SoulEaterDemons of the previous leagues I have been apart of. Of course everyone is going to want their CAW to be the 85 overall cap if you've limited it, which is going to make for an almost all-identical roster regarding play style. When given the natural cap of 100, less people will feel compelled to max it out because there's a certain stigma attached to it and even if they do, who cares? The fun lies in adapting to the situation, playing different according to the opponent. I feel like I'd get more frustrated walking around like a dunce waiting for my stamina to recover for a longer time more than I would at a 100 overall CAW beating me.

    Just a suggestion. Same thing goes for allowing all the abilities, skills and whatnot. Fun before equality, baby.
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  3. Could you clarify what you mean when you say promo'ing isn't allowed but "the occasional interview is"? They always seemed like the same thing to me.
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  4. I personally think they should stay away from promos as a whole. They should just go full out sports league
  5. we'll do what ever we damn well WANT!
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. not really man. The TWF league have the members if I wanted to start up right away. I'm helping this place more than anything by keeping the other leagues closed until January.
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  8. That's a very good point, and I think it would be good to implement that.

    I mean that you can promote your character using out-of-character means. And I don't think think interviews should be allowed at all. Kind of life a GM/Player dynamic.
  9. you need to add rules about not being able to spam/cheat
  10. Hey bro unban me from the PS4 League threads. Just wanna be able to give ratings and I've been dissed quite heavily
  11. Made it much more clear. Thanks to @Arthur for the help.
  12. I like the cap increase!
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  13. Can you explain the punishments system a little more? Some 2K players can get quite salty about losing matches. Would you also be checking these matches since some reports could be false?
  14. I'm fine if someone get's upset about losing a match. But if they are intent on constantly causing shit for a loss that happened a week ago, they'd likely get warned. It's really down to the severity of what you're doing. Also, we have a member willing to sit-in on matches and/or record them.
  15. Added some more specifics. Will likely be adding more, as time goes on.
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