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  1. On average we have
    4 weeks between PPVs
    3 weeks worth of free time for storylines and dark matches between PPVs
    1 week for IWT Uprising

    A lot of people have been asking for matches and I can't put everyone on the card for PPVs and Uprising, so would everyone like to have a second IWT show starting after NOC?
  2. I dunno, it's tough. Seems the dark matches are working out fine. Someone calls out anyone, and they have a match. Not sure how that really differs from a 2nd show.
  3. We'd still have dark matches, but it seems like everyone wants to get on a show. The big difference is that I 9/10 end up doing the booking for these sorts of things
  4. Ah yea, I gotcha. Don't really have an opinion on this then. I like the way things are but if people want another show, won't affect too much.
  5. I say go for it. Brings more attention, and makes matches seem more important.
  6. I would go for a preshow. I mean, 3-4 days before NOC starts or whatevs. I mean, just for matches that doesnt make it to the main card
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  7. It's a cool idea, but why do we have dark matches then? I mean, if they want to fight, instead of making promos saying they want a match at PPVs or at Uprising they can make a thread saying they want to challenge someone and they can have a dark match.
  8. Ohhhh, so Uprising is like the Raw of IWT? Ok

    I'm still new, but I would say go with the second show. It may keep some people more involved when they get booked for a match they were not expecting (and could lead to un-thought-of story lines). And I say keep the dark matches as well, if only for open challenges. If your dark matches are of a decent quality, maybe it helps you make it to a show?
  9. Im down on a 2nd show.
  10. Stick with the dark matches and call it house shows. Then we can have house shows play into "TV" if needed.
  11. This.
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  12. I think a second show would be nice for those that want to be more active in the IWT and don't have matches at the PPVs.