Storyline 3 Months

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  1. The music hits, and the crowd pops, anticipating Mystical George or one of the 10 other people that have used this song. Nick walks out to a decent pop. His hair is now slightly shorter and put up in the front. He is also wearing black sunglasses and a suit, carrying the X-Division championship on his shoulder and the MITB briefcase in his hand. He walks down the ramp, a cocky smirk on his face. He goes into the ring, and grabs a microphone.

    "It's almost a year in the IWT now. A lot has happened for me. I won, I lost, and lost a lot. I got thrown off the stage into the electrical area, I got put in an asylum, broke out, broke out a crazy chick, watched her blow up a building, lost some more. Won. Won again, and then I won. Won a title. Won some more. Won a briefcase. It's pretty repetitive nowadays. Pretty old. All I do is win. Getting a haircut just feels different now because everything's been the same. I win. I've changed my theme song for about the 20th time. Summerslam will mark my 1 year anniversary. But if you ask me, I don't think I've been in the IWT until Mania. Because that moment truly made Nick. Nothing else. Today is my 3 month anniversary of my X-Division title victory, but it feels like I've had it this entire time. And now there's a tournament."

    Nick pauses.

    "This tournament to determine my opponent for this X-Division championship at Summerslam. I was asked to weigh in, see if I have any favorites. Truth be told, I don't. Because the X-Division is unpredictable. I don't have anything to say about the competitors. But I do have something to say to them. I'm gonna be watching very closely. And I just want to let it be known that whoever faces me... You won't beat me. The only way I lose this title is if I'm dead - and that's not happening at Summerslam. Whether t's Crybaby Aiden Ryan, The Straight to DVD Jwab, or anyone else that thinks they stand a chance against me... just know this. I won't go easy on you. Summerslam is the biggest event of the summer, this match will be the biggest one of your careers... and none of you are big enough to win."
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  2. "Straight to DVD Jwab" FUCK YOU BRAH.
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