OOC 3 Stages of Hell Match - 3rd Match Type?

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Dat Kid, Dec 4, 2013.

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    What would you like to see as the third match for Frank The Jock vs Dat Kid?
  2. an on a pole match
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  3. I'll second that
  4. Bra and Panties
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  5. Bra and panties on a pole
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  6. 3 stages of poles bra and panties rules you only advance to a pole once clothes are removed
  7. the 3 out of 2 falls match is the same the matchest that is are all hardcore just the voting is different. 1 fall is normal voting rule s 1 promo each, 2nd fall is 1 each video promo from youtube, 3rd fall if needed will be a basic off of ppv pick in the tlc wwe ppv! @Dat Kid From Jersey
  8. I quit match.

    If Gohan loses he can never compete in IWT EVER again.
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  9. lumberjack match
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    An extreme rules match were the loser has to leave IWT forever.
  11. I quit match.
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  12. More like "I quit IWT" match from the suggestions
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  13. Dat kid might actually win a match.
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  15. Bra and panties on my pole match :ksi:
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. I beat your ass
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  18. Bra and panties match or I'm changing all your usernames to The Oddities
  19. 1-1.