{3} Theme Song Battle - Undertaker

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  1. Funeral March

  2. American Bad-Ass

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  3. Rest In Peace

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  4. Rollin'

  1. Last weeks winner, under John Cena was..........WORD LIFE (a.k.a Basic Thuganomics).

    Today, we have the only superstar left to compete on the first ever RAW and still be here today, THE UNDERTAKER!

    1990 - 1994
    Funeral March

    American Bad-Ass


    Newest Version of Funeral March (a.k.a Rest In Peace)

    Song Of The Day (open)

    Used for two weeks in a feud with HHH

    I know there area lot more, but half of them are the exact same!
  2. Funeral Mach (new)

    Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock suck fat dick.
  3. You forgot the Ministry of Darkness theme which is the best one
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  5. +1
  6. I agree with Kid, but I'm going with the Funeral March
  7. The Ministry one was the best IMO.
  8. None of the above. I choose ministry of darkness theme.
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