3 Things This Forum Has Taught You

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  1. Name three things this forum has taught you. Can be wrestling related, people related, or really, anything.
  2. Never messed up with people who have a strange addiction to cats
    Gingers dont have soul
    Red pandas arent coons
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  3. You thought red pandas were racoons!? :haha:
  4. inb4animalknowitall #animalplanet2013 :lol1: :downer:
  5. - Don't be an idiot.
    - There are still a few cool people in this fucking world.
    - Oooh testify!

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  6. -How to treat people better
    -How everyone is different in their own way
    -Online people > real people. I find I get on so much better with people I meet online than in real life.
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  7. 1: Some people can't handle my extreme AJ fandom
    2: Some people can tolerate my extreme AJ fandom
    3: Crayo impersonators need to be imprisoned.
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  8. You're really in a special group when youre with Zero and niggaswag
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  9. I'm probably the reverse bipolar 180 degree magnetic opposite of them though. ^_^

  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Thanks! ^_^

    Now I just have to make sure you're not lying to me. I'm going to test for potential sarcasm... -_-

    Give me 3 reasons why you think I'm cool.
  12. I'm too old for this shit
    I'm not too old for this shit
    I have the ability to create a super heroine :happy:
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  13. 1. Aids Johnson is life
    2. Britanica is very fascinating
    3. BLFFL shouldn't be alllowed on the internet
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  14. Uhm...

    Some people are special.
    Online people are better than RL people (for the most part)
    I'm not fond of 2 scottish people, 1 of whom I knew beforehand.
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  15. 1. Time may change but people don't
    2. God help this World if some of the people in here eventually have their 'hand on the button.'
    3. Some of the people in here *should* be 'running things now.'
  16. 1. I am not fond of a guy from Sunderland whos name begins with J and ends with n.
    2. Talking to smart people about your opinions instead of the stupid people on youtube comments(yeah i used to do that) is less frustrating.
    3. BLFFL should have a lifetime ban from internet access.
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    Admins can be extremely cool. Crayo only one I really know.
    People over the internet can be EXTREMELY nice. Britanica
    Coon's are awesome. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. I was talking about Xanth and Ryan. Don't think you're relevant enough to appear on my list :pity1:
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