Storyline 3D design.

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    The screeching metal of an object swaying through the air can be heard. Slowly creeping in are the cries of Jacob and the sounds of his struggle. Suddenly the camera pops on revealing Jason hung by his feet and hands upside down. Footsteps echo behind the camera, becoming louder the closer the get. Suddenly a feminine figure comes into frame obscuring Jason. Elise Frye begins walking toward Jason as she is met by the men in rainbow bunny masks who stand on each of Jason.

    Arnie couldn't make it today so I'm your teacher today! And the lesson is...well there is no lesson. I can't remember what he said exactly but he said something about torture so…

    The men in Rainbow bunny masks reveal their weapons and begin swinging wildly and stiff on Jason's torso.

    *Crying in pain* Why are you doing this!?

    *As the goons keep swinging* Pain is an illusion created by the man. To feel not pain is to be...perfect. You must understand that nothing matters, that there's nothing you can recover from *giggle*. Afterall…

    Elise grabs for a bat from one of the bunny men, she is handed one and begins to measure up…

    *Swings hard at Jason's head effectively breaking the bat in half*
    what doesn't kill you…* leans down to his face and whispers in his ear* only makes you stronger.

    Ugh...boss I think he's out...

    What a pussy. I guess we’ll wait…

    Elise stomps to the camera and snatches it before turning if off.

    A rough cut jumps to the camera on again but sat somewhere only receiving audio. An angry Arno Frye can be heard belittling Elise for her reckless behavior…

    Hon’ I said I'm sorry I may have gotten a little carried away you know how I get--

    Elise…Remember what happened to the last project!? You got excited and decided to cut their nose off...their fucking nose and they bled to death!

    I-i know I'm sorry I really a--

    There is a bit of commotion, Elise can be heard shouting and suddenly it goes quite.

    *Breathing heavily* Elise, Baby, you know how important this piece is to me...don't fuck it up. I’ll take it from here...where's the camera?

    Another jumpcut takes us back to Jason as he still swings from his feet and hands, now with blood pouring off of his body. He is conscious and begins shouting when he hears Frye walking through the door…


    Frye walks into frame.

    Learning. Now you're last teacher was a little hard on you...I won't be. You and me we are going to have a talk.

    Frye begins to pace around Jason’s dangling body.

    People are scared of what they do not understand...even when the answer they seek is staring them in their face. You see they like to be ignorant, they like to be controlled. But not us Jason, not the enlightened. We aren't afraid of anything or anyone and do you wanna know why? *Frye pushes Jason's body causing him to swing from side to side* because we know the enemy. We’ve endured all the pain they could dish we are immune.

    So today's lesson is a lesson in immunity. After all to become immune you must first be exposed to the this case a vicious attack...but don't worry you're not going to die, you'll just wish you did.

    The Bunny men return to the room along with Elise, they're carrying various weapons much worse than bats. Before exiting the room Frye walks up to Elise and caresses her face with a grin on his…

    Not so hard this time, ‘Kay.

    He kisses her and let's go of her face and proceeds out of the room, taking the camera with him.

    The feed cuts out.