4/11 Impact Rating Sucks

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  1. http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/TNA/article10030866.shtml

    Holy ravioli. Lowest rating of the year. They've hyped the hell out of this show and done it well, how on earth did they get this bad of a rating?
  2. This was basically a ppv on a thursday night, RAW being so good might have fucked it up?
  3. When in doubt, blame Chavo.
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  4. You serious bro? :booker:
  5. Maybe they watched the first match and tuned off.
  6. with rating? They had 2 big title matches, and some other decent booking. I enjoyed it man.
  7. To each his own, other than the main event it was all filler.
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  8. :dawg: quality filler.
  9. ITT: Senhor grossly misuses the word 'filler'
  10. Didn't watch Impact and am reading what happened. Don't know how Hardy V Bully is filler.
  11. Badly put together show which was badly advertised gets a bad rating? Color me surprised.
  12. Man, the show was advertised TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS on TELEVISION as a mini-PPV, you can't call them out on that part. The crowd they got (2.5k-3k) is another thing. It was a good promotion of this episode on TV no matter if we hated or loved the show. Stop being a smartass for a bit.

    Anyway, this is just another roller-coaster boat with TNA ratings, as usual. Next week it'll probably be back to 1.1 and 1.4 million viewers. You really can't tell, it's un-fucking-beliavable with TNA's audience.
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  13. Q1: Impact opened with a dreadful 0.75 rating for the first two falls of the Tag Title match, plus one commercial.

    Q2: Impact remained dreadful with a 0.79 rating for the conclusion of Aries & Roode vs. Chavo & Hernandez, one commercial, and the first portion of Joseph Park's in-ring speech.

    Q3: Impact increased to a 0.91 rating for the second-half of Park's speech involving Devon, one commercial, and a five-minute Knockouts segment featuring Taryn Terrell.

    Q4: Impact dipped to a 0.84 rating for the first of two oddball Gut Check segments, video packages, and two full commercial breaks dragging down the rating.

    Q5: Impact only increased to a 0.96 rating at the top of the second hour, which was the lowest-rated Q5 of the year. The previous low was a 1.14 rating on March 21. The segment featured the latest attempt by Hulk Hogan asking A.J. Styles to make a decision, James Storm interrupting Styles again, Bad Influence in the ring, and the segment concluding with Hogan booking Storm-Styles next week. There was also one commercial.

    Q6: Impact increased slightly to a 0.98 rating for Joey Ryan vs. Rob Terry, one commercial, and the Gut Check decision giving Magno the boot.

    Q7: Impact passed the 1.00-barrier with a 1.06 rating TNA Title match ring introductions, one commercial, and the first four minutes of Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy.

    Q8: Impact increased to a show-high 1.13 rating for the conclusion of Ray-Hardy for the TNA Title, plus one commercial at the start of the quarter-hour, allowing the final 12 minutes of the show to be focused on Ray-Hardy.
  14. I said everything except the ME.
  15. Paragraph 1: +1 for you good sir.

    Paragraph 2: Yeah, but they haven't had a drop this big in a long, long time, have they? This can't be normal, and it's not like there was anything else going on that I know of. Maybe it has something to do with WM being over with, who dafuq knows.
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  16. .75 for Aries & Roode... wtf is wrong with people. fuck 'TNA fans'
  17. How do Aries and Roode usually do? They don't always drop do they?
  18. Assuming 25% of the TNA fanbase is casuals, all of them tuned out since they didn't care about the babyfaces.
  19. I wouldn't say it is safe to assume at all that casuals don't like team Mexiblow. At least not judging by the reactions they get from most live crowds.