5 Fashion Tips to Avoid Being a Summer Fashion Disaster (Ladies style) :D

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  1. 1. Make your white appear whiter - If you prefer white tees or tank tops then buy a fresh lot each summer as these when used once in the summer season tend to get yellow as well as stained during the difficult sweaty months. Just a single spot is enough to turn the outfit into a disaster so most designers recommend inexpensive versions of same available with old navy.

    2. Choose undergarments that Have a Nude Hue - While most women prefer to wear undergarments which are white and of sheer fabric, the skin toned ones are the ideal way to keep undergarments under the cover.

    3. No flip-flops in Office - These flip-flops tend to present a very unprofessional appearance to you even if you just sit at the desk. You must invest in a pair of floaters or even sandals especially from Naturalizer and Aerosoles to get the ultimate comfort.


    4. Stop Exposing Bra Straps - You must take in time to search for the right type of bra to match the needs of your outfit. Several of the summer dresses tend to be either backless or strapless, in short they are “bra-challenging.” So investing into a bra which is convertible and can be worn as a halter, one-shoulder, strapless or even racerback is a good idea.

    5. Not Knowing When to Expose - This is especially applicable when air conditioners start working effectively in the offices or during a cold breeze while strolling in the park. It is suggested that you keep a well tailored cardigan close at hand and wear it before meeting the boss or even invest in some light lined bras for T-shirts. One must also completely avoid pantyhose as well as open-toed shoes.

    There you go ladies!! I didn't know what else to post, and I was thinking of girls at the beach since that's where I'm about to go.. So I made this thread in honor of my 4,000th post


    Follow these steps ladies, and someday, you too, could become.... dashing... just like me!

    * This message has been approved by.... "Dashing"... Cody Rhodes!


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  2. xanth is a hater
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  4. Girls don't exist on the internet.

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  5. If copied from somewhere else, FU.

    If came up by self.. genius :win:
  6. Older than old that joke is sadly.
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  8. I'm pretty sure girls are on the internet broski. I got a bunch of them on my Facebook :emoji_wink:
  9. They aren't really sadly, they're robots sent from mars.
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