5 superstars you'd like to have a beer with.

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  1. Let's play a discussion game shall we. Pick five WWE superstars or divas you would personally like to have a beer with. Please also give reasons for why. Reasons are not mandatory but it's a plus.

    1. Chris Jericho - I've partied with rock stars before and it is always a blast.
    2. Rosa Mendes - It's Rosa. Need I say more :gusta:
    3. Brodus Clay - Looks like a fun guy to hang around with.
    4. The Miz - Same as with Brodus. Seems like a nice fun dude to hang out and get shitfaced with.
    5. Ryback - Get him drunk and hit a Premier League game. Let him loose on the hooligans.

    Let's hear your fav drinking five.
  2. Lol here I go.

    1. CM Punk - Because we are straight edge and we don't drink beer.
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    1. CM Punk to piss Savage off and I'm a huge fan of him.
    2. Daniel Bryan - Been a huge fan and he seems like a great guy to talk about various wrestling backgrounds.
    3. Jericho - Same as Bryan, always he seems like stupidly cool guy to hang with.
    4. Miz - From what I've seen he's a huge mark which would be incredible to talk wrestling with all night.
    5. The Rock - Childhood hero.

  3. I used to be straight edge. Then I figured out I can handle my drinking and took a beer to the mouth :gusta:
  4. 1) Layla
    2) Eve
    3) Rosa
    4) Nicki Bella
    5) The other Bella

    My reasons? Do I even need to explain it? :troll1:
  5. Divas aside, I would go for DZ, Jericho, Brock, Barrett, & Del Rio
  6. Ryder, Jericho, Miz, Rock, Bryan.
  7. Perverted old man :awyeah:
  8. 1. CM Punk
    2. Dwayne Johnson
    3. Kelly Kelly
    4. Undertaker
    5. Zack Ryder
  9. 1. The Rock
    2. Dolph Ziggler
    3. Kelly Kelly
    4. The Bella's (they are one, ok?)
    5. Chris Jericho
  10. Somehow Kelly doesn't strike me as a beer drinker. But I bet she'd like to have a cider or two. Guess I'll allow any kind of drink.
  11. Now if this is about any ordinary feel good drink that's not alcoholic like beer then here's my list.

    1. CM Punk - We are both from Chicago and could talk about many wrestling things plus general topics. We both have a sense of humor as well so it's easy.
    2. John Cena - Really cool guy and nice never is a jackass in anyway and a people's person.
    3. Daniel Bryan - Just because he's badass and very interesting.
    4. Cody Rhodes - Outside of wrestling, we are very alike. We also share the same birthday which is sick.
    5. Zack Ryder - Just a cool guy and hilarious most of the time.
  12. Shit, I'd probably add John to the list too.
  13. Now that I think about it I want to have Whiskey with Ace.

    Windy: I meant any alcoholic drink. Perhaps I was not clear enough. Your list will still count though since you writing it brought this to my attention. For that I thank you.
  14. how old are you windy? with ur john cena avatar and sig i just picture a 10 year old or 11
  15. It doesn't matter how old he is to be a Cena fan.
    I'm turning 18 next month and I like the guy. He is the man who lives for his job. Day in day out. You can't tell me wrong on that, can you?
  16. Why has nobody said stone cold yet? -__-
  17. Cuz when you drink beer with Stone Cold, you will get a Stunner. That's why. :austin:
  18. :yuno: It would be an honor to be stunned by SCSA
  19. Yeah sure, but it's not the exact 'out going night' I would like to plan.