News 5 year olds hacks xbox live accounts

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. 5 year old 1, eggheads 0
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  2. Wonder how those people on Ghosts feel when they get their ass kicked by an actual 5 year old.
  3. Hahahaha!
  4. He was probably the kid who hacked PSN in 2011
  5. "We are a legion"
  6. Kid did great out of it received games, money, xbox live for a year free and a ton of other stuff off Microsoft.
  7. Stupid Microsoft, what a crappy console if a 5 year old could hack
  8. You had to bring that up lol.
    Like 4 weeks without PSN; it forced my hand into buying a 360 just to play Zombies at that moment.
    Atleast I got inFAMOUS for free out of it but still they could've given more games.
  9. Is there still a debate which system is better? Just wondering, nothing but cheers for my ps4
  10. I call bull on this story. The dad is a computer security specialist and apparently the kid has found two other flaws just simply. Way I see it is the dad finds them and just gives his son some fame.
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