7/31/2013 Discussion - Mason's New Groove and a Sawft Breeze

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    Season 7, Episode 180
    The Wyatt Family has an announcement and Bray Wyatt has promised it will rock the NXT Universe. After a monumental month that has included attacks on Kane, R-Truth, Justin Gabriel, Sheamus and 3MB, followed by prophetic statements to the WWE Universe, we think that when Bray Wyatt says he has something to say-- we better listen and ‪‎OBEY‬!​
    The Patron Saint of Bad Decisions Corey Graves is back on NXT tonight as he faces off against Sylvester Lefort’s client Scott Dawson. Will the recently crowned NXT Tag Team Champion continue his victorious streak or will Scott Dawson defeat Graves and make him STAY DOWN?​
    In a blockbuster tag team match NXT Champion Bo Dallas teams with Sami Zayn to face off against Leo Kruger and The Swiss Superman Antonio Cesaro. These four men have been at the epicenter for the NXT Championship, and all points will converge to what is sure to be a tag team match for the ages.​
  2. Love it! Watching now. Great thread
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    My Thoughts on This Episode (open)
    -My love for Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy grows stronger every episode they're in, lmfao. At first, I wasn't sure if they worked well together, but now they're really hilarious. It totally shows how good they are because throughout the whole episode, you just hear random "SAAAAAWFT" chants, ahaha.

    -Mason's dancing was highly disturbing, but still made me lol quite a bit.

    -Love Paige's outfit, and Emma better fucking win next week.

    -Sasha Banks returns! I don't understand why she doesn't have a theme by Snoop Dogg, lol. I'm sure cousins can pull strings for each other.The match was pretty good. I'm totally loving Charlotte. Sasha's random "OH HELL NAW" during their match made me kinda :downer: because she's turning into a typical black girl gimmick and there's already two (three technically if you count Jojo) with that kind of gimmick.

    - I couldn't stop laughing at Dallas's trolling during Tyler Breeze's promo. Holy shit, I couldn't. Why the hell was he wearing dreads, LOL.

    -Still can't get over how good Wyatt is at promos, holy shit. Promo was fantastic.

    -SHIIIIIIELD!!! :yay: WITH AN AMBROSE AND ROLLINS PROMO!!! :yay: :yay: Ambrose was so fucking sassy, I loved it. :lol1:

    -And holy shit, Dallas lost?! :shock: wait... what? :dafuq: Is Kruger gonna' be the next champ???

    Really good episode, this one. :smug:
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    Y'all forum folk are too nice :please:
  7. Live Reactions:

    Show Spoiler

    Love the intro..oh wait already that Figger rip off? Meh 4/10 Haha Enzo opening. And big cash.. Lmfao...Gold. And regal is there :yay: VOLAAAAAAAAAREEEEE OHOHOH CANTAAAAAREEEEEEEEE OHOHO Oh and tons of fat. Meh...5 minutes intro. Are you fucking HHH or what? SAAAAAAAAAWFT No match? Okay bye.
    Oh yeah Ryan Hhaah LETS GO ENZO Chantts and yeah squash and dance. That's disturbing...

    EMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and Paige.. Summer :gusta: Gettin hotter in here. Seriously, Paige could be part of Ascension. Dance contest. That's not...Paige gets mad. Seriously, she's great but I prefer Rae or Emma.

    Oh Charlotte. Who RT'd me hehehehe and Sasha. Great match for sure. What a damn move she was as finisher... Love this two..Charlotte is really good at the ring. Reminds me of Naomi. DAAAAAAAmn Charlotte's web. Great short match. Loving this diva.

    Figger rip off now.. Lmfaooooo that guy haha lmfao loved the segment

    WYAAAAAAAAATS That's creepy. Squash match. Next. Just want to hear the theme. AHAHAHA the crowd lmfao ONE MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME! Love this crowd. Awesome Promo and whatttttttttttttt They are leaving :why: :why: :why: :why: :why: :why: :why:

    Neville, can wait for watch him in the main roster. And what an awesome main event.

    Easy win by Corey. but Neville> OH THE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLDDDDDDDDDDD Hahah what a bosses with the title. Damn loving this shittttttttt Haha Ambrose on the mic is a eargasm ahah People cheering for the shield. Ambrose vs Neviller? Orgasm Next week...not missing that shit.

    Seriously what a damn reaction for the heels.....ANTONIO CESAROOOOOOOO DADAAAAAAA

    BRAINBUSTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH is next and yeah, Dallas. OLE OLE OLE OLE Why didnt they edit that? Lmfao the crowd cheering for everyone expect for Bo. Great match. Booing Dallas lol Kruger wins? WOw. Loved this shit. TATAAAAA NXT is THE show.

    Cant wait for Ambrose vs Dallas TATAAAAAA Time to go to Indonesia
  8. You do know "that guy" during Tyler Breeze's promo was Bo Dallas, right? lol
  9. Seriously? Thought it was a jobber who was gettin his ass kicked lol
  10. Great thread Jenn! Waking up to NXT is always a treat!
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  11. Shared the page on my twi-500 followers-tter
  12. Nope. Dallas with a wig on.
  13. Lol, it's his former partner CJ Parker with some hippie gimmick.
  14. You're such a mark Lady

  15. Oh shit, wtf, they looked so similar
  16. Great episode as usual. Holy shit, The Wyatt's were over as hell in this episode.
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  17. Live Reactions:
    Show Spoiler
    Still love that intro and theme, Never gets old. Enzo Amore, Meh. Doesnt do much for me. Prefer Colin tbh. Its Enzo's dance floor bitch! SWEET T! And fuck off Brodus. And they run off and Mason Ryan. SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATCH! Mason Ryan dancing, JUST FUCK OFF. Bloody hate Mason Ryan and Brodus Clay, #WeWantTensaiBack . I cringe every time Regal says NXT Universe. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIGE! WOOOOO! Summer :gusta: OH SHIT! Summer throwing insults, Summer >>>> Emma. Piage >>>> Summer. Rhodes burying dance contest. Just when I think we can get an awesome match they give us a dance bullshit. OH SHIT! Zayn Vs Cesaro and Kruger! Just gonna block out Dallas from that. Oh war games DVD ad, I should pira- buy that DVD :silva:. Charlotte Vs Sasha might be good. Brilliant headlock takedown! Nice dropkick, Ok arm drag, Wonderful pin there, Nice top rope arm drag and sitting down neckbreaker thing wins it, Good match. Tyler Breeze :facepalm:. God this interview is stupid, Who the fuck is that guy? What the fuck? Note: Renee Young is hot. WYATT! WYATT'S! Creepy shit. WWE shop ad, I would buy a ton of stuff from them if they didnt charge like 30 bucks delivery! Brb. Back with a roll and crisps and a can of irn bru! WIN! Random jobber Vs WYATT! POP! Wyatt squash! God they are being hard on them and its over! Wyatt aint done! SISTER ABIGAIL! Wyatt promo! :fap: Im following the buzzards! NEVILLE! NEVILLE! I love his accent <3. Finished my roll, Yummy. Fuck that manager, Skipping this entrance. Graves yay! NEVILLE! NEVILLE! YAY! As much as I love Neville that tracksuit look hideous. I really dont like Dawson no joke. Dawson taps. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIELD!!! HOLY FUCK! AMBROSE! ROLLINS! REIGNS! SHIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELD! Please set up a match. PLEEEEEEEEASE! Love these guys. Just set up a match. PLEASE! ADRIAN NEVILLE VS DEAN AMBROSE! *nerdgasm* YES! CHANTS! *Mega nerdgasm* US TITLE ON THE LINE NEXT WEEK! *passes out from nerdgasms* #BelieveInTheNeville someone pinch me I must be dreaming. :yay:. This is why NXT is brilliant. KRUGER! How can people not like him? Im a fan. Have to say that Cesaro or Zayn should have won the No.1 Contenders match to carry Dallas to a watchable match. CESARO! *Puts hand on chest* WE THE PEOPLE! Zeb Colters Merica. ZAYN! MARKING OUT! SO MUCH CHARISMA! How can you not love him? Its Booooooo Dallas! He sucks. Killed me marking out. Let Zayn and Cesaro start please. NO MORE BO! CHANT! Kruger and Zayn start. OLE! chants, Meh. At least he is over. Zayn lovely arm drag. Good match.

    Overall awesome show as always.
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  18. Lefort's pants are made of money. Fucking pimp.
  19. Damn, big props to the NXT Creative team. Thanks for giving us one last Wyatts segment :please:! Felt like that was just for the fans, and holy hell what a promo. Nice symbolic way to "turn out the lights" as the buzzards circle around their NXT career. Just don't follow them, you won't find him.
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  20. Great thread Lady Deathbane! It was a great episode too.
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