7 types of Wrestling fans

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    1. Newresfan (New Wrestling Fan)
    2. Normresfan (Normal Wrestling Fan)
    3. Olwresfan (Old Wrestling Fan)
    4. Returestfan (Returning Wrestling Fan)
    5. Utobarestfan (Used to be a Wrestling Fan)
    6. Clorestfan (Closet Wrestling Fan)
    7. Notrestfan (Not Wrestling Fan)

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  1. Can you please elaborate on this? What type of suggestion is this to add to the site?

    Or if it is a question, what do you need help with?
  2. You know I just testing the words out. I got the idea from Shipping Name.
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  3. Well this is the totally wrong section for that. You can just as well try that out in a word editor.
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