8/21 - CJ Parker's Return & An InZAYN Main Event

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    Season 7, Episode 183


    More to come...​

  2. Surprised they didn't say anything about Ziggler. :hmm:
  4. I'm trying to figure out when exactly Hulu Plus uploads the freakin' episodes. I didn't even know they actually uploaded them on Wednesday until last week, lmao. I assumed all the sites uploaded them on Thursday, lmao.
  5. Is it out now?
  6. Nope. I don't think it will be until later tonight. It's only 2:50PM for me right now. At least maybe in two hours. :urm: I'm not sure what time it comes out the day of.
  7. Swear to god if we don't get Ziggler.
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  8. They're normally on the interwebs on Thursday, but on Hulu on Wednesday. It just can't make up it's mind...

    SAMI VS CESARO IS THIS WEEK?!!???!!?!???!!?!?!???!!!!!????!??!?!????!?!?!!?!!????
  9. I've been watching NXT like every week now. Really looking forward to this episode. I try to avoid spoilers.
  10. Updated the first post, so yes, yes it is :yay:
  11. Alright, Hulu Plus just uploaded it finally. Took a fucking while. It's 10 minutes until Thursday already LOL. About to watch it, gonna post my reactions next.
  12. YES IT IS !

    Episode is up on Watchwrestling btw.
  13. :yay:


    :yay: Looking forward to it. Would happily go ahead and watch it if it wasn't for silly relationships... but, ya know... it won't hurt to take a peek, will it?
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  14. Lady's LIVE Reactions (open)

    • Starts out with a brutal and bad-ass video package of Cesaro and Zayn. Omg it's wonderful. :yay:
    • Omgomgomg, first match is the Divas title match already!!! :yay: :yay: :win:
    • AJ has a huge pop in the NXT Universe... :hmm:
    • Omgomgomgomg, I didn't realize Bayley was from San Jose, CA!!! Another wrestler to root from my area! :yay:
    • Ahahaha, Bayley awkwardly trying to start off with a hug and the crowd chanting "hug it out", ahaha, perfect. :dawg:
    • LOL, okay, I laughed at AJ saying, "I'm sorry, Bayley, did you want a hug? I'M HUGGING YOUR NECK NOW!" LOL
    • Bayley hugging AJ and then ramming her into the post is bloody brilliant. It makes her slightly psychotic too.
    • It seems the crowd is split between "Let's Go AJ/Let's Go Bayley". Sounds like most of the guys are rooting for AJ and most of the females are rooting for Bayley. That's pretty interesting.
    • Was an alright match, just AJ's usual craziness.
    • Ahaha, Parker photobombing Breeze. Priceless. :dawg: Breeze definitely needs to work on his acting though. :urm:
    • ASCENCION!!! WOOOOOOOO!!! Love them so much! :yay: :yay: :yay: So bad-ass. :gusta:
    • Nice and short, just like I assumed it be. Their entrance is so dramatic, it's funny sometimes. :dawg:
    • Oh shit, CJ Parker gonna' debut next. I'm assuming his first feud is with Tyler Breeze since the photo bomb. :lol1:
    • LOLOL, Parker's entrance. HOLY SHIT LOLOL. The way he dances.... holy shit. This dude is totally high, AHAHA.
    • A fucking high, hippy gimmick. Is CJ Parker from San Francisco? :lol1:
    • Match was meh, it was a squash match with another dude I've never heard of, so it was pretty boring. Parker's dancing is half funny/half annoying though, lmao.
    • Ahaha, nice segment between Parker and Breeze. Breeze definitely needs to work on his mic work though. Was a little bit cringe-worthy, but his high voice is plenty entertaining. :dawg:
    • Hmm, Alexander Rusex bringing a wooden board out... reminds me of Hacksaw. :dawg:
    • Okay... something happened in the crowd right after Zig's tossed his shirt, and I keep rewinding and I can't seem to see it. Can someone try and figure it out? :why:
    • Zig's dropkick was beautiful as always! :yay:
    • Holy shit, this match is great!
    • :dafuq: :mad2: why the fuck isn't there a pop for Zayn?!?! :angry:
    • This match is so great as well! :yay: So physical :obama:
    • First fall to Zayn! :win:
    • Second fall to Cesaro due to tap out! :obama:
    • Okay.. this crowd is weird, they didn't give him a huge pop for his entrance, but most of the crowd is rooting for Sami. :dafuq:
    • Cesaro is seriously the Swiss Superman... fuck :eww2:
    • Holy fuck... god damn that was so fucking beautiful... :please:

    THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING(just towards the end, anyway)!!! FUCKING WATCH IT NOW!!!! :angry:
  15. Dolph'sZiggler, Dolph and AJ were completely unrelated in the episode. Dolph had an amazing match with a wrestler named Alexander Rusev (who took Muay Tai for years). It was really interesting. :obama:
  16. A little teaser in my sig! :ksi:
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  17. Still watching now, Capped Breeze, Jono cut this for me [​IMG]

    New smilie! Dust will approve.
  18. *hurries through the thread without reading so as not to have anything spoiled*

    :yay: Can't wait to see it! Know I saw some great comments on Sami's match on Twitter last night, as well as Sami's tweet(s) and a tweet from Rollins about how great the match was. Been looking forward to it all week!!
    I should just watch this instead of Impact tonight. :haha:
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  19. W
    What a fucking waste. Should have wrestled Hero or Generico. Thanks mick
  20. Generico was busy with Cesaro and Ohno is still being punished by Steiner.
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