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    [A video is posted to an unknown Youtube Channel that is now being shared over various wrestling forums in secret. The Video is titled with the date August 6th 2014.]

    The video opens with VHS visual effects, the video is clearly being shot with an older video camera and the scene is a fairly homely looking living room. The coffee table is jammed packed with snacks and drinks there's kids on the floor staring up at a TV that isn't visible in the camera shot. On the couch a teenage boy and a middle aged women sit also watching what ever is on TV. Around the living room dining chairs from around the house have been brought in most likely for other family members to sit and watch whatever is going on on TV but nobody is using them. The women on the couch glances over at whoever is operating the camera and cracks a smile.

    "Oh my god where did you find that thing? Why do you still have it?"

    "Well how could I get rid of it? I bet you're happy I still have it now."

    The male voice operating the camera responds.

    "How about you use the iPhone I just got for you for father's day?"

    "I could but, it's just not the same ya know."

    The women rolls her eyes and shakes her head. The camera pans over to the giant TV and out of focus you can see some kind of action going on on the screen. A ring bell is heard from the TV while the camera is still trying to focus. When it finally focuses two men in suits are seen with headsets on and are shown talking at an announcers desk. While the audio from the TV being picked up by the camera it is too hard to decipher.

    "Oh my god how long does this thing go on for? Do you think it's almost time hon?"

    "How many times have I said I have no freaking idea?"

    The boy rudely responds to the women. The teenage boy that's sitting on the corner of the couch is looking very bored and uninterested. What is assumed to now be his mother glares at him.

    "I am about done with that attitude. You can sit up right now and pay attention like you did for that Lee The Lord guy or whatever when he was on and watch your brother....And I still can't believe you've been wearing that shirt all day, I told you specifically not to wear it and support your brother."

    From the camera the boy's shirt is barely readable because the way he is slumped into the corner of the couch but you can see the letters AL- on the top of the shirt and AN- under it. The male camera operator, assuming to be the father keeps awkwardly silent. He turns the camera back to the screen and sits down in an armchair still taping the TV.

    "Oooooh Oh, Turn it up! Turn it up! Everyone come in here quick. He's on!"

    The camera shakes as the father reaches to grab the remote. He turns the TV almost all the way up to max volume and now everything is audible on TV from the camera's microphone, almost deafening the voices/sounds of anyone in the living room. Several adults enter the living room, many with drinks, trying to continue whatever conversations they were having but they are forced to end them due to how annoyingly loud the TV is. None of them look too happy to be there.

    The familiar baseline comes blaring from the TV speakers. Eventually a tall muscular handsome man comes onto the stage, wearing leather tights and a giant flashy jacket. The man struts down the ramp receiving an astounding reception. The father turns the camera over to the mother who is on her feet bouncing up and down clapping her hands excitedly. The boy is sitting up now watching the TV closely now with a look of contempt on his face. The boy brushes his longish hair to his side so they are no longer resting on the top of his thick rimmed glasses. The boy's full shirt is now visible and it reads "ALIAS ANTONIO" on the front in red lettering in a courier new font with some kind of design beneath it. The shirt almost looks a size too big but but the boy is just very skinny. The camera moves back to the TV. A voice from behind the camera comes from the father.

    "Wow that's really my son up there. Wow.."

    The ring announcer announces the wrestler on TV.

    "From Panora, Iowa. Weighing in at 215 Pounds Trevor Raynor!"


    The mother screams from the couch with the biggest smile in the world on her face. The boy looks down and shakes his head.

    A different theme now blares from the TV and the father quickly turns the volume down. Another wrestler comes out onto the stage. The TV shot zooms in on his interesting attire. Dark navy jeans, teared at the knee caps, a spiked belt undone at the buckle, Singlet torn into a skull template and a leather hoodie masking him. Leather gloves with his fingers just poking out, to his left hand a metal baseball bat is displayed, on his right nothing but his fist clenched. Unclenching his hand he then brushes the hood off of his head and reveals his face which is to be covered by a skull mouth mask and black hair. The man makes his way down the ramp and the ring announcer booms over the theme music

    "From Parts Unknown, Weighing in at 295 pounds, Aiden Ryan!"

    "What the hell is that?"

    The father exclaims from behind the camera. The kids sitting on the floor, already covering their ears from the theme music, put their heads down on the floor so they don't have to look. Several of the adults that entered the room, assumed to be relatives of the mother, father, and boy begin to chuckle and laugh at the odd character on screen. The father turns the camera over to the couch were the mother has one hand over her mouth while the boy is smirking and slightly nodding.

    "That's who Trevor has to fight? Oh my god he's scary!"

    "Trevor is gonna get his fucking ass kicked."

    The boy makes the remark casually. The mother hits the boy on the arm angrily. The relatives begin to exchange nervous glances.

    "Charles Raynor! I'm serious do you want to be grounded for the rest of the school year? If you do keep the attitude up."

    "Not like it matters i'm gonna be at Iowa State soon anyway"

    The father again keeps silent again and bring the camera back to the TV. One of the younger kids tugs on the fathers jeans from the floor but he doesn't move the camera.

    "Uncle? My Cousin Trevor is gonna beat that bad guy right?"

    "We'll see okay just watch"

    The announcers at their desk are shown giving some backstory to the match.

    "Welcome back viewers to IWT's X-Communication event, the pre-lude to Summerslam this month. The next match we have for you is the debuting Trevor Raynor coming up against Aiden Ryan. Reminder this match was originally to qualify for a triple threat later on tonight to determine who will face the X-Division Champion Nick for his title at Summerslam. However the first match in this series resulted in a no contest so the winner of this match will face Jwab who defeated Bruce Knight earlier in the show for the right to face Nick at Summerslam."

    The other commentator follows up after.

    "That's exactly right. Now Aiden Ryan and Trevor Raynor really got into it the other night. The war of words they had is still buzzing on social media and many IWT fans are thinking this match is a match of the year contender. You can only imagine how this might feel for Trevor Raynor as this is merely his debut already receiving that kind of hype. I'm sure no matter the outcome of tonight's match though this rookie Trevor Raynor won't be going anywhere and will be making noise in IWT for a LONG time. Okay it looks like the competitors are ready, let's get right into this one."

    The match begins and it is an all out brawl. It goes on and on and on while the father films the entire thing. The father, the mother, and the boy who we know to be Charles Raynor remain quiet and focused the entire time while the younger children make noises and act out the moves in the match on the floor. All of the relatives watching slowly begin to the leave the room by finding excuses or just stepping outside. After a long back and forth match Aiden Ryan gets the best of Trevor Raynor. Aiden begins to beat down and beat down on Trevor to were he is almost lifeless. The expressions of the mother, father, and Charles Raynor aren't seen as the father still has the camera pointed at the match although the camera begins to tremble in the fathers hands. The referee pulls Aiden off Trevor as the crowd boos Aiden. Trevor makes it up to his knees with blood dripping from his lip and signals to Aiden to bring it on. Aiden lifts Trevor up and hits his finisher and pins Trevor for the victory. Aiden celebrates and grabs his bat and attempts to beat down more on Trevor but several referees hold him back. The father quickly reaches for the remote and shuts the TV off. The little kids on the floor start pounding on the ground in anger and booing the TV .

    "See I told you! I told you Trevor would get his ass beat!"

    Charles Raynor shouts, standing up now. The father turns the camera towards him, not intentionally trying to film the incident but is now doing so just on instinct. The mother has her face in her hands crying. The father sees this and tries to diffuse the situation.

    "Charles...boy...not right now."

    Charles Raynor sees his mother sobbing and instead of feeling sorry he gets angry.

    "Are you serious? Trevor actually loses something for once in his life and you're upset. Why don't you break down when I lose? Because I lose at everything? You must be used to me being a loser by now right? You already have a winner in your oldest son Trevor so you don't care about your 18 year old son Charles do you? Even when Trevor loses in something you don't give a shit about like Professional Wrestling, something I actually give a damn about way more then Trevor does for that matter, you just can't bare to see it can you. Give me a fucking break."

    Charles's mother wipes the tears from her eyes and leaves the living room without saying anything. The younger kids run out of the room to their parents. Charles Raynor sits back down on the couch and turns the TV back on to continue watching.

    "I'm not missing Alias's match."

    The father instead of checking on his wife sits next to Charles.

    "Son, I know it's hard. Having to work harder at everything then your brother Trevor had to. But that doesn't mean me and your mother love you any less then him. We are still very much proud of you."

    "Proud of me for doing what? Getting accepted into college? Everyone gets accepted into ISU. Don't bullshit me Dad I know there's not much in me to be proud of. Absolutely nothing. Trevor hasn't been home in how long and you and Mom still care about him more than me because there's plenty to brag about with him. But, you know why Trevor lost? Because he doesn't have a passion for wrestling like I do. I know you and Mom could care less about what I love. I know you were embarrassed when Trevor decided on a whim to be a professional wrestler just to spite me. He didn't even have to because he's already rich from being good at everything else. I saw through everything though. I knew he wouldn't make it in IWT. I couldn't wait to see Mom's reaction when he got destroyed in the ring. Her face was a lot different then when I fail, there was actually some emotion in it when Trevor got pinned. But when I can't make the wrestling team because i'm not strong enough or i'm too small? Nothing. All I can hope for is that when I do succeed I see the same face on you and Mom that I do when you watch Trevor succeeding. One day when I'm in IWT, fighting whoever it is Aiden Ryan, maybe even Alias Antonio. Hell I could be wrestling Nick, an opportunity Trevor failed to earn. When I pin one of them and you're watching I want to see that look and I just hope you are just as happy. Because i'm going to Iowa State to be a student of professional wrestling."

    Charles's Father chuckles halfheartedly.

    "Son, studying professional wrestling? That's not even a thing. Come on if you really want to make me and your mom proud go to school and find something you are actually passionate about, something important. Get a degree, start a career, have a good life. You see what just happened to Trevor tonight? You don't want to end up like that do you? Son look at yourself, you're a twig. You would die in that ring son."

    "I bet you would like that wouldn't you. Me dying in that ring. For a sport nobody cares about anymore. At least it would be another reason for you to go on the news and be in the spotlight some more. You know I do plan on dying in a wrestling ring. Wrestling for a whole NATION of people that actually love me. But not anytime soon. It will be long after you, mom, and Trevor are gone. I will wrestle until I physically cannot wrestle any longer until I do in fact die in that ring. I'm going to my room, it's almost time for Alias's match."

    Charles's father sighs as Charles gets up off the couch and goes upstairs to his room and shuts the door. He realizes he's been recording the whole time and quickly turns the camera off.
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  2. Sick promo here mate rt. Loved it, really helped me see Raynor as even more of a babyface than I already did. Would argue he and Ovaldinho are the top faces rn
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  3. That was masterful
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