86ing some WWE belts

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  1. WHC/US

  2. IC/US

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  3. Another combination

  4. Stay as is

  1. The brand split is at least 51% over which is enough to warrant this conversation again...

    The WWE Championship stays... but the WHC/US... or US/IC could probably be hacked

    WHC has MITB implications if they 86'd it... the midcard belts are traditionally more significant during a boom period... not sure WWE even considers WHC a business making title to be honest

    For some perspective Khali, Hogan, ADR, Taker, Lesnar and Batista never held the mid card belts

    Bring a strong take... I guarantee I'll give a like
  2. IMO, the right balance in terms of number of championships is to have three minimum and five maximum. Momentarily, I think it's best to have one world title (WWE Title), two singles mid card titles (Intercontinental and United States Titles) and two sets of titles for people of a specific division (Tag Team and Diva's Titles.)

    So, I don't agree about dropping either combination of WHC/US or IC/US. If you're gonna drop a belt, then go with the WHC. Why? Because the best way to vanquish a championship is to do it through a unification match. And what seems like the more important unification match - WWE Champion vs World Heavyweight Champion or World Heavyweight Champion vs Intercontinental Champion/United States Champion?

    With the brand extension pretty much 100% dead, I can't see WWE resisting the urge to unify the two world titles eventually and make (hopefully) a big pay day off of it.
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  3. Keep; WWE title, IC title, Tag Team titles, Women's title.

    Kill all the others
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  4. I disagree with K-Lock, but that really doesn't matter... I grasped the content but must say its ball-sy to endorse a five title era in a company who doesn't even trust their midcard

    I do like the young talent... its a core which could ...could...bring prestige back to the worker's belt...though the 'E' appears more set on being an entertainment conglomerate than anything resembling the World Wrestling Federation

    The funny thing about a boom period is I can't say we didn't just leave one considering the volume of merch a midcard for life guy that Zach Ryder can sell... the merch era *troll face*
  5. Keep the WWE Title, Tag Titles, and Divas Title. Faster the rest go away the better.

    They all have meaning because they mean you're the best wrestler/tag team/woman in the company. Having the WHC around just waters down the WWE Title since it basically means "This guy's the best! And so is this guy!" when it's bullshit and everyone knows it. And the US/IC being "the best wrestler among all those guys not good enough to be considered the best wrestler"... that makes no sense at all. And if that's already bad, the US Title makes it even worse. Oy.Plus there's plenty of out-of-kayfabe reasons to get rid of them, but that's another story for another day.

    If you want to keep the IC belt around, give it a stipulation to make sure it has meaning to everyone.

    Although I'm 100% behind the Cruiserweight title coming back. JS.
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  6. WHC and US, out of those. With no brand split having two world titles makes no sense, but it's a good idea to keep a midcard belt around. Two midcard belts when there's no midcard is ridiculous.
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  7. the WHC isn't even considered main event anymore in my opinion. It's like a bridge between Midcard & Main Event.
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  8. Stipulation for the IC title sounds both nostalgic and refreshing at the same time... Once upon a a time, the IC title meant #1 contender... this was back when there were one or two guys in the company and the rest were literally fodder

    You could liken it to the X-Division title earning you a guaranteed bid for the TNA championship at Slammiversary... or one could liken it to MITB....

    MITB has far more prestige than those midcard belts at the moment and cashing in the IC title for a guaranteed WWE championship match at a designated PPV is 'neat'.....afterward, if successful, am IC title tournament could crown a new champion

    Cruiser is good if those cats can stay healthy (wrestling smaller guys probably helps), but forcing a stipulation into the IC title with benefits like that is a formula that's worked in the past
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  9. The Intercontinental Championship doesn't need a special stipulation to it. There's nothing wrong with having just a plain secondary singles belt that's defended by people in the mid card. The title itself has a rich history and was once seen at times as being almost as prestigious as the world title. Some guys even used to say that back when they were just fans, winning the Intercontinental Title was their big dream because of how much prestige the belt used to carry. Chris Jericho said this and Bret Hart once said something to this effect as well.
  10. US title needs to go. Cruiserweight needs to return.
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  11. I would just get rid of the US. Title.
  12. I'd say United States title as the only title that needs to go. I LOVE the WHC/IC title design, they both just need some meaning behind them, the US title isn't really a nice looking belt or a belt that has ANY type of meaning to it. Like Crayo said, bring back the Cruiserweight Championship.
  13. I say only keep the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental championship, Diva's championship and Tag Tea championships.

    WWE championship is obvious, it's the world championship. Diva's and tag team championships, because it gives those divisions purposes to keep them around.

    As for Intercontinental, I say keep it around for guys when the main event picture is full for a good while and new guys that want to prove themselves. Gives the older wrestlers chances to put others over and it keeps this division entertaining.
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  14. Definitely keep the Divas Championship. The greatest champion of all time needs it. ^_^

  15. The WWE Universe might think differently... older smarks and purists appreciate the lineage of the Intercontinental title but John Cena fan are too busy tweeting and touting..

    which is another invention that annoys purists but ultimately serves a greater good for the WWE Universe... adding a stip merely enhances the title... for purists it would be a necessary evil designed to enhance prestige

    for the WWE Universe it allows proper and significant build for up and coming acts like Ambrose, Wyatt... who... with any luck could skyrocket to big WM matches with Taker maybe...

    Proper build is a formula that still works...Both Punk/Bryan were chomping at the bit even though they were ready.. Bryan was intentionally held back to solidify him in the fans eyes even though he's been well ready since at least 2012
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