A-B-C Facts, Theories & Lies

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  1. Your sentence must be about the member above you.
    The sentence should begin with whatever letter we are on.
    State a fact, a theory or a lie about the member about you.

    The first member would post a sentence starting with "A"
    The second with "B"
    The third wit "C"
    You get the idea.

    (Yes... I am that bored. :sandow: )
  2. Animal rapist.
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  3. Borderline sexual deviant
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  4. Dangerously obsessed metal/rock fan
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  5. Lol. My reply was to Iizuka but I guess he deleted his post. Well played... well fucking played. Haha.

    Anyway, elegant human being.
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  6. Fantastic in bed
  7. God you're hawt
  8. In prison
  9. Jewish asshole.
  10. Kleptomaniac
  11. Lover of pussies.
  12. Masturbation Enthusiast
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  13. Notoriously dench.
  14. Oh you have to post more :smug:
  15. Learn your A, B, C's...
  16. You're lucky I can still type after all that booze :woo1:
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  17. Person who upgraded to Legend recently. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  18. Quickly to admit she is a HUGE fan of boy bands... And Randy Orton.
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