Storyline A brawl in the arcade

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  1. “I can’t believe I agreed to this.”

    It was 4:00 PM in the blazing hot sun of Seaside Heights, and Louie Aldo had arranged a meet up with his partner Paul Ravana in the Casino Pier. It was about an hour ago that Ravana arrived and he had been waiting for what felt like an eternity due to mix of the scorching sun, loud noises, and the strong sunscreen aroma around him.

    “Louie’s probably working on those glamour muscles and most likely forgot about this whole thing.”

    Paul finished mumbling to himself and sighed, he realised that he was wasting his time and his afternoon rather than getting any training done, in one last attempt to get some mileage out of his time here. Ravana began looking around the pier, searching for anything entertaining to do. All of the rides looked uninteresting, all of the carnival like games looked too easy, and as a California native who had to deal with dirty, seaweed ridden ones, Paul was never really fond of the beach.

    “There has to be something I can do, something that will make this whole thing at least worth my ti-”

    Paul’s brief musing to himself was abruptly halted as his eyes met upon something he hadn’t seen in years. It was something that gave a rush of emotions to the passionate fighter, something that activated year's worth of repressed memories. It was an arcade. Suddenly memories started coming back, memories that were thought to have long been forgotten and obsolete, memories of another time in Paul’s life…

    “Damn it, again?”

    A teenage Paul complained at the arcade machine he was currently invested in. It was some hybrid machine his local arcade had recently gotten called the Neo-Geo, and Paul had decided to try out one of their games called Metal Slug. He had spent nearly an hour on the game and most of his money was all but eaten up by the machine.

    “It’s because you're not using the grenades properly.”

    A distant voice was heard from the arcade and directly towards Paul. It was his best, and only friend Ayami Aika, who had just finished setting a new high score to the Galaga machine and had been watching Paul this whole time. Ayami was Paul’s age, she had black pigtails, and was wearing her signature dark red light zipper hoodie with a triforce patch on the side.

    “Jesus, Ayami, every time!”

    Ayami seemingly ignored Paul’s shocked reaction and bumped into his spot at Neo-Geo and placed multiple quarters into the machine so that she can play it herself. When she reached the part where Paul kept dying, which involved flying bombers and and soldiers coming from parachutes. Ayami was able to pass through the entire section without losing a single life by using all her bomb strategically and soon enough she was on the final boss.

    “I beat the game early on this morning when the cabinet arrived.”

    Ayami answered before Paul could ask how she was able to do all of this and beat the level without losing a single life. Then Paul soon remembered even if this was her first time playing the game, Ayami still would have beaten without breaking a sweat. Every time Paul saw Ayami play a game, whether it be an arcade, handheld, or console game, she always seemed to be really good, it could be a natural talent she had but Paul didn’t really mind.

    “You see, there’s me on the high score.”

    Paul was too busy to notice the fact Ayami had already finished the entire game. The highscore now had a list of people’s name and signatures and at the top was a name called ACE, which Paul had know to be Ayami’s signature whenever inputting scores at an arcade machine.

    “Here, put your name on it.”

    “Wha- really? But you did all the work in the end?”
    Ayami nonchalantly shrugged.

    “But you had gotten to the rest of the game by yourself, you deserve all the credit for it. I only just helped out at the end.”

    Ayami smiled, it was her signature angelic smile she had, it was kind of the smile that caused the young Muay Thai trainee to get all weird and warm on the inside. Wanting to keep her happy, Paul started entering his the first name to his initials and soon went to try and find the & but resorted to just an A and then another A to finish his name.


    “Wait your last name is-”

    “Yeah I know, but I want to put in “Paul and Ayami” has the name because even if it was for one part, you still helped me.”

    Ayami was speechless for a few seconds until Paul was about to ask if something was wrong, before he turned back though, Paul was tackled by Ayami’s hug from behind.

    “Tha- thanks Paul… I um, really appreciate it.”

    Paul’s body was as stiff as a plank, not knowing how to respond, he just her hug embrace him.”

    “Yeah, any-...”


    Its present time, without even thinking about it, Paul had actually managed to finish the same game in the same kind of arcade machine, his younger self was playing over a decade ago. His mind had dozed off and Paul had just realised that he was on the high score board.

    “Hmph, it's just a memory Paul, nothing more, nothing less. That shits behind you, all of it is behind you..”

    As Paul was about to enter his name into the high score screen. Four men arrived to the front of the arcade and began speaking to an old man. They looked shady, were wearing business suits, and it seems like they’re after something.

    “For the last time, Paul Ravana is in New Jersey and we are after him. How hard is it for any of you people to spot an animal like him. He looks like an hairless-”

    “Finish that sentence, motherfucker I dare you.”

    As Paul finished revealing himself, two of four men started charging at him with knives. Paul dodged both oncoming attacks and swiftly proceed to grab the arms off one of them and put him in a seated Fujiwara armbar.

    “Just what the hell do you people want?”

    Paul started applying pressure into his armbar, causing the man to start screaming in pain.

    “Tell me now or else this arm ain’t gonna be of much use for long.”

    Before Paul could finish interrogating him, the other man with a knife tackled Paul to the floor. He had his knife back in his hand and was about to stab Paul through the head but was met with a swift resistance as Paul had managed to overpower the man’s hold of the knife and was thrown out of his position and unto the ground. Paul stood up and grabbed the knife that he had disarmed from the man, but before he could think of what to do next, his eyes were now focused on the large man grabbing a nearby arcade machine and throwing at his direction. Just as he was about to throw it though, Paul managed to dodge out of the way and avoid the incoming arcade, however the large man had a backup as he began choking Paul and threw him across the arcade and unto the glass case of a claw machine. Bloodied, and now panting heavily, Paul started slashing at the man’s suit, but realised that his suit had an extra armor layer to it.

    “Looks like the only way I can actually any damage is targeting that giant dumb head of his, that shouldn't be too hard...”

    Paul thought to himself before headbutting the large man, skull cracking unto skull. He followed up by grabbing the large man into a clinch position and started kneeing him repeatedly in the stomach. Armor could protect any real damage Paul could inflict on the man, except fatigue, which after a minute of knee strikes, starting showing its effects on the large man as he was on his knees by the end of the hold. Paul took the opportunity and threw the large man into the monitor of one the arcades, finishing him for good. Now there was only one man left, and he had disappeared after the two men began charging at Paul. Before Paul could even think of where he was though, the fourth man had a gun pointed straight at him.

    “On the floor, now! Or this bullet goes through that thick head of yours.”

    Reluctantly, Paul kneeled and did what the man had told him to do. Confidendent that Ravana had been pacified, the man began speaking on an ear piece.

    “Yes, we fou-”

    The sound of a chair been slammed unto the man’s head echoed throughout the arcade as somebody managed to grab a chair and knock the man out from behind. It was the owner of the arcade it seemed. He offered a hand up to Paul.

    “You okay, boy?”

    “I’m fine, old man. Shouldn’t you be mad at the amount of damage I caused?”

    “Don’t worry about it, those four have been harassing my business for weeks. I was considering hiring a couple of boys from the gym to take care of it, seemed like that's no longer the case.”

    “Well here, I’m not sure how much this can pay, but it's all I have at the moment.”

    Paul was about to take his wallet out but the old man grabbed his arm before he could reach is pocket.

    “Don’t worry about it, I can bring these men over to the police and get repairs free of charge. Let just keep this our little secret okay?”

    Paul nodded slowly and began walking off. Before he left however, he saw that the arcade he was playing was still on the high score screen. Realising the opportunity, Paul inputted his signature into the machine, he immediately left afterwards to go find Aldo at his gym and begin discussing their plans, with the arcade scoreboard having its highest score name be…


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