Storyline A Brief Message For Alias Antonio

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  1. A camera is heard being moved around, and after a few seconds of shuffling, there is nothing but silence. A match can be heard and seen as it moves over to a candle. The candle lights up and illuminates the once dark room, revealing Nick's face. He laughs and looks into the camera.

    Hello IWT Universe and more importantly, hello Alias Antonio. Before I begin to address him I have a quick little message for all of the fans in the crowd. Mark your calendars, put it in your phones do whatever it is you gotta do. Thursday January 9th, you will witness the greatest wrestling match to ever take place in an IWT ring. I will take on - and defeat - Alias Antonio. It will be an amazing match not because of Alias - and I'm not knocking him at all, it's simply because I'm that damn good.

    Nick smirks and lets out a quick laugh before looking back into the camera.

    Now Alias, I really do hope you're watching. You'd better be, because this is very important. You see Alias, before I destroy my opponents in the ring, I like to have a little fun with them. Alias, I will torture you, break you down mentally and physically. You will bleed you will cry you will feel TRUE pain... Hahah, cherish these last moments you have with your mother, brother, father, sister, cousins, hell even your acquaintances. Give them all a warning. ANYONE and I mean ANYONE who knows Alias Antonio is in dangerr. You might ask, why am I doing this? Well, it's quite simple. For starts, I love seeing people suffer because i did MY WHOLE LIFE! And two... I need to bring out the real Alias. This "new Alias" where he loves the people and they love him back isn;t the reak Alias. I know that if he's trying to pull off this fake persona it'll be an easy victory. I want a challenge, and so I need the real Alias. The one who's rage allowed him to power through the tag division, the one who has lead him to victory. I only fight winners that will give me a challenge. I will do ANYTHING to bring the real Alias out."

    He laughs

    Lock all your doors and spend every last moment you can with your family, because after this, they will never... be the same... again.

    The room becomes dark as Nick blows out the candle with a psychotic laugh.
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