A Celebration for "Mr IWT"

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  1. Aids Johnson walks out in his Brewers blue suit to a huge pop, wearing the IWT title around his waist. Aidsey stops to pose before running down and sliding into the ring, grabbing a mic out of the corner.

    Cut my music!! Everyone knows that THE.CHAMP.IS.HEEEERRREEE!!!!!!!!!! IWT universe celebrate, we rid this universe of another FTJ opportunity, and traded bitch for beast with VICTORIA PARKER coming back to the IWT title scene. Am I proud of myself? Hell yes, I may not have earned my opportunity - but i sure as hell took my opportunity and ran with it.

    Forget history lessons team, let's talk the future! Aids vs Nick, Aids vs VP, Aids vs FTJ, you all see the common denominator? Aids is back to main event, and bring the IWT back where it needs to be. Bring em out, bring em out, it's hard to yell when the barrel is in your mouth
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  2. [​IMG]
    "The champ is here. As is Death!

    You need not worry about facing Nick, VP or FTJ. For they will simply beat you. What I will do to you, will be indescribable!

    Your day will come, and it will end!"


    With that, Spawn disappeared behind a blanket of flames from atop the ramp.

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  3. Nick emerges from the curtain to a pop, wearing his t-shirt, jeans, and a Yankees hat. He removes it to fan himself.

    "Whew, it's hot over here!"

    He exits the area where Spawn disappeared, and pulls the mic back up to his mouth.

    "You don't have to worry about him, Aids... yet. Because I was the one who won the Golden Ticket!"

    He pauses and leaps into the apron, the crowd popping. He leaps up onto the turnbuckle and takes a seat.

    "He was right about one thing though. I will beat you, Aids. And it really hurts me, because I've got respect for you. But sadly, you gotta go down, just like Spawn, and just like your old friend Dat Kid. Like him, I don't think you can keep up with a young, motivated stud like myself. You'll put up a fight, but I'm not FTJ. I've been at the buried at the very bottom of this company and rose up to the top. And I've been here to see it rise and see it fall. I know everything there is to know to succeed in this company... and that's more than you. I'm gonna let you handle that FTJ and VP problem, but remember who's next in line buddy."
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