A challenge for the future.

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  1. *The fans burst into a loud pop as B.Dazzle walks out from backstage. B.Dazzle has a mic in his hands and his Tag Team Championsip around his waist. B.Dazzle is wearing a new T-Shirt. On the front it says " 12 Jabronis came to the ring." On the back it says "12 Jabronis wept." B.Dazzle walks down to the ring with a grin on his face as the fans begin an uproar chant of "Dazzle". B.Dazzle gets in the ring and begins to speak.*

    Dazzle: Finally.......B.Dazzle has come back to I...W...T!

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: Now, B.Dazzle promises to make this shirt and sweet. You see B.Dazzle, as of right now, is still waiting to know who he is going to face at the Elimination Chamber PPV. There are many different options that can be thrown at B.Dazzle, the problem is B.Dazzle doesn't know which option he feels like beating first. So while B.Dazzle waits to be told his E.C plans, he decided that he should keep himself occupied. B.Dazzle is itching for a fight and he plans on getting one. That is why B.Dazzle is making a challenge. This isn't an open challenge, it's a straight up challenge to one man. One man that B.Dazzle wants to face. One man that these fans want B.Dazzle to face. B.Dazzle also knows that this guy would love an opportunity to go one on one with The Dazzling One. This man is actually a good friend of B.Dazzle but for one night, B.Dazzle is going to put that friendship behind him. Do you people want to know who that man B.Dazzle is talking about is?

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: It doesn't matter who.....just kidding. B.Dazzle is just kidding. The man that B.Dazzle wants to have one match with is a man who has made just as many breakout strides in this company as B.Dazzle has. This man has already fought in IWT Championship Matches. This man is the breakout star of IWT. That is right people, B.Dazzle is sending out an open challenge to none other than Joey Bryant.

    *Crowd pops at the name drop of Joey Bryant. Chants of "Joey Bryant" and "Dazzle" have filled the arena.*

    Dazzle: Joey, you've been making waves in this company that guys like B.Dazzle could only imagine doing. You've done things that young guns like B.Dazzle only wish they could. That is why to prove who the real breakout star of IWT is, B.Dazzle is challenging you to a match. One on one. No stipulations. No partners in our corner. Man to man. We give the fans a show. This isn't some lets kill each other blood bath, this is a test. So the question B.Dazzle has for you, Joey Bryant, is if you accept?

    @DK James
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  2. *The lights turn green all around the arena as Joey Bryant slowly walks out onto the stage with a mic and a confused look on his face. He has an eyebrow raised, imitating Dazzle, as the crowd pops loud for him. He points at Dazzle in the ring before walking down the ramp, not taking his eye off him. He gets in the ring and signals for his music to stop but still doesn't take his eyes off Dazzle. The crowd cheers for the showdown.*


    *Joey walks in circles around Dazzle, examining his stance and presence. He gets back to the front of Dazzle and raises the mic to his face again.*


    *He points at Dazzle and asks the crowd to quiet down.*

    "I like you Dazzle. Don't think any different of that. You were one of the few to actually be able to maintain 2 titles and be successful with both. Sucks that you had to lose your intercontinental title but I was rooting for you. As for your partner... well, I wouldn't mind making a statement against him."

    *Dazzle gets a little defensive at that statement.*

    "Hey now, just let me state my opinion. You dominated in that Royal Rumble match, you know it with as much as you talk about it. Hell I can't walk backstage anymore without someone bringing it up anyway. You're right, you wish you could have made as many breakout strides that I have. I am man enough to call some of those strides pure luck, the fact that these people and the big guys running the show saw a lot in me from the start... sort of. These people get behind you almost as much as they do for me but you know with guys like Georgie coming back to run shit again, guys like you and me need to be around. Because when he was getting the respect and pops that I get now, we were still both rookies. Barely noticed. Now that he's left, I'm the company's new guy in shining armor and he needs to know that. And so do you quite frankly, but like I said, I do like you. I knew we'd cross paths at some point, there was no doubt in my mind but I was hoping we'd be main eventing Wrestlemania together."

    *The crowd pops at the idea and he smirks.*

    "What a hell of a show we'd give. But plans got fucked up along that line, and I definitely didn't win the Rumble and you barely lost the rumble. So I think it is definitely time to show Georgie and other returning veterans in the back what the new era is really all about. I accept."

    *The crowd pops again and Joey still looks in Dazzle's eyes.*
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  3. *B.Dazzle smirks after Joey accepts his challenge.*

    Dazzle: B.Dazzle is glad to hear that. He hopes you bring everything you've got, because you better believe B.Dazzle will too. Don't worry Joey, B.Dazzle knows this match will happen again, and it will happen with bigger stakes on the line. Right now, this is just a taste test for the people. Soon enough, they'll get the whole damn thing on the greatest stage of all time.

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  5. Are you fine with getting it started tonight?
  6. Yeaaa I won't be home late tonight but I will be able to post at some point. I'm good with that.
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  7. @Shadow or @Jonathan Make the match thread, please.

    I won't post until later tonight anyway.