Storyline A Challenge from the Past

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    At around the 20 second mark, Out comes Bruce Knight to a decent reaction, returning to IWT following the Royal Rumble match and the events of 2014. He comes down to the ring wearing a leather jacket and a custom shirt, carrying a microphone in his hands as he gets onto the apron and taunts for the fans before entering the ring again and running to each rope to create a crowd reaction which he gets from one side of the crowd. He walks towards the middle of the ring as his song ends, Knight tapping the microphone as he raises it up to speak into.

    Knight: What a feeling, Eh? To Return to IWT during the IWT rumble match and to actually get involved in some of the action that went down that night before my elimination...It felt so refreshing to step back into an IWT Ring after leaving for a few months...and it led me to realise that I can still complete my objective.
    You see, If you watched the IWT Slammy award ceremony, You would of noticed that I mentioned my return for the rumble match but there was something else...It was a plan I'm setting in motion here tonight...A plan which hopefully restores the Pride, Honor and Reputation I had build for myself at IWTMania 2...The Reputation of being the Underdog...The man who's always underestimated...but you see, My Days as the Underdog are over...These days I go by many nickname in various promotions but there's name that always sticks...something that follows me around the promotion to promotion and IWT is no exception...because I am no longer the 'Underdog'...I am and always be...'The Welsh Crusader', Bruce Knight and If there is one thing I have learned to do in my time around the world...It's that we welshmen do not yield...and to provide a perfect example of this...I must mention the name of a certain fellow welshman who didn't yield during the rumble match...and that man was the winner...Lord Lee!

    The Crowd Pop for the mention of Lord Lee.

    Knight: Lee, I think it would be disrespectful of me not to mention the man that has won this years IWT Rumble, A man who has a chance to capture the IWT Championship or World Heavyweight Championship...from a member of the Dynasty. You see, Lee, I have the upmost confidence that you can go toe to toe with Antonio Alias and IWTMania 3...and I'm sure that in that main event...that you have the skills to come out as a champion...which leads me to Elimination Chamber. You see, Lee...You hold something that means a lot to my 'plan'...something which can kick start my rebirth...

    Lord Lee, You hold the Xtreme Division Championship...and I'm here to challenge you to a match at the Elimination Chamber PPV...But no, It should't be any kind of match...It should be a special kind of match...we have the Ghost of Rumble Present against the Ghost of Rumble Present...which leads me to this...

    Lord Lee...At Elimination Chamber...I want you in a LADDER MATCH for your IWT Xtreme Championship...and Sir Lee...I want you to come out here and I want you to show me that you will not back down from my challenge...and that you're dedicated to keeping that title wrapped around your waist!

    Knight drops his microphone on the floor as he awaits the arrival of Sir Lee, The Crowd Cheering at the possible match between the two.

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  2. *Lee hits the ramp to a pop, he comes out with a bandage still wrapped around his head. He wears his navy blue jeans along with his "BeLEEve" T-shirt, having his X-Treme belt around his left arm. As he enters the ring he is thrown a mic by a staff member from ringside*

    Lee: First off, I appreciate your tone lad, some people lately have been showing me the utmost DISREPECT.. so thanks. Goes to show the class of the Welshmen, which maybe explains why we've had 2 straight WELSH Royal Rumble winners! That aside though, I won't lie, it is quite the philosophical provocation; this years last rumble winner standing in front of last years. Past vs present. While I appreciate the respectful manner you addressed me with, I worry what I might be about to say may shatter such mutual respect..but it's the truth so I may as well say it:

    I hope my post-IWTMania doesn't go a single thing like how yours went. But why should I feel hesitant to say that? You lost the belt at the very next PPV after IWTMania and then phased out. When I win at IWTMania, I'm not going to get complacent like you seemed to, I'll keep pushing and striving to give Wales the prestigious export they DESERVE to have. Lord Lee will become Wales' biggest export come the end of the year and not Bruce Knight. So this "Welsh Crusader" moniker is neat and all but it's not quite the "Welsh ICON"!

    So, with the mildly awkward reality check out of the way, you want a ladder match? a dangerous stipulation which could injury and jeopardize my IWTMANIA WORLD TITLE SHOT?!?! Hmmm, well, I mean, I could put on am entertaining match in any stipulation myself. Actually, you know what? I'll bite. Before I steal the show at IWTMania, let's steal the show before IWTMania!

    *The crowd pop at the thought of Lee v Knight*

    Good luck, "Welsh Crusader".

    *Lee winks at Knight, pats his belt proudly, throws his microphone back to the staff member at ringside and leaves the ring, gingerly walking back up the ramp, the damage caused by the Dynasty still having some effect on Lee*
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