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    hits the arena and out comes Alias to the biggest pop he'e ever receiven. He salutes the crowd with his newly regained tag title resting on his shoulder. He walks down the ramp sporting his usual attire. He wipes his feet before entering the ring and asks for a mic. He lets the cheers sink in, until finally speaking in his typical cunning manner*

    Well the not so utopian landscape of IWT changed drastically last week when Bound For Glory took place. You had me recapture my tag team title belt and rightfully so along with my partner, Ben Dover *cheers*. I should have never been stripped from it, but look at me, eh? Beating the odds once again! Haha, shame on you Jonathan, shame on you.

    More importantly, Aids Johnson *boos*, defended his strap against the self-righteous, omnipotent female - Victoria Parker! Aids would try his best to scrap and scratch as deep as possible throughout the match, but all that would amount to nothing as he would lose the match, and obviously, his title.

    *Crowd vociferously cheers*

    In all honestly, I wanted Aids to win, I wanted Aids to cheat his way out of a match once again, just so I could go on and face him again with much more stake on the line this time. But after watching that match last night, I soon realized he is nothing without The Cure. Without The Cure constantly bailing him out of everything, he is what he proved he is last night - a pathetic, feeble.........loser. Lose once after splitting with The Cure, fine. Lose twice? Shame on you. Even your pathetic soul has to admit that you are not the same without our services.

    I know you may be feeling vindictive and in desperate need of a fight, and I'm more than willing to offer you a way out of all the stress you've been suffering as of late. You wanna let out all your vexation? You want revenge against me? Because frankly, I don't think I'm done playing around with you yet.

    *Alias sets his eyes on the crowd*

    Do you wanna see me and Aids in the ring one more time?

    *Crowd scream in excitement*

    You see Aids, I was want a fight, right? I was thinking, why not have with me, right? But then I thought you are in dire need to beat up people, and so am I believe it or not. about it Johnson. My team vs. your team. Survivor Series. Challenge is set.

    *Alias drops the mic and paces angrily around the ring in the midst of loud cheers*​
  2. *Jacob is painting his face when he listens to this challenge*

    Alright... Go for it kid, but you won't steal the show with that stuff.
  3. Sorry to ruin your thread but HiAC isn't the next PPV. We had BFG replace HiAC, next PPV is Survivor Series.
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  6. The lights dim, before a flashing of white lights move around the titantron, as Aids Johnon's theme hits. The crowd cheer loudly as he walks out without the IWT title on his shoulder. Aids walks out fierce faced, holding a bottle of scotch instead of a mircrophone, stopping at the top of the ramp to throw it out into the crowd. He throws up middle fingers, as the camera pans to a fan holding his head, while the person seated next to him is celebrating "catching" the bottle. Aids walks down throwing his arms out for some fives, but receives only a few. Aids walks up the stairs and into the ring, passing Alias as he goes to grab a microphone, ignoring everything around him.

    *Aids starts taking laps around the inside of the ring*

    Look at all you mother F****** jumping off the Aids bandwagon the minute i lose the title. I come back and win for 4 straight months before my first REAL loss, and everyone gives up hope. *Aids turns to Alias* you won a house match, i wouldnt give you the credit of getting 25% of Aids Johnson in a match like that. You are a lowcard bitch, with lowcard expectations, and I put you on the map. *crowd small pop* Everyone says they deserved a better champion, that Victoria Parker was better suited to be the face of the IWT. Face it, this PPV was rigged! *Crowd boos* and i deserve my retrobution. Do you think i would face you, Alias? You give me nothing, and contrary to what you degenerate douchebags in the Cure believe, i gave you everything. When George left I cashed in to ensure we carried out our goals, and what did you do to thank me? You and TWO of the other cure members no showed to that next ppv to lose your IWT tag team championships. Congratulations, you all not only proved you are undeserving of the tag titles, this past sunday at BFG you proved that the tag titles arent deserving of being a real title here in the IWT. *Crowd boo*

    And people say they are tired of me, that i need to change things up. Should i come out here like the prior champions, and claim "I've changed," that "i cant take one loss" while forcing the fans to pretend you are something you never were, or never will be. Victoria Parker you are no champion! I have yet to decide when i take my title back. MY TITLE! *aids paces again, slowly moving while staring towards the mat* You need change. You need to see a different Aids Johnson, he just doesnt do it for you. He talks the talk, he walks the walk, but you are bored after only a few months of me. DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU ALL HAVE GROWN TIRED OF ME!?

    Because you hate to see a winner do what he does best *crowd boos loudly* You hate my character because you only see who i am at face value. I am a champion you can all look up to! *boos* And i am a champion who is around to let you know why the IWT is the best Fed this company has to offer! *Small pop* and where is your beloved champion?

    Alias you and these pathetic cowards in the crowd and backstage have a lot in common. You tell me you made me, and i am nothing without you, when facts dictate you have done nothing for me, while I have done work day, after day, for the people i have spent my time with. Do i need to tell you my history? Maybe i should start coming out here with a fortune teller, so you idiots can use your Goldfish memory and forget about the drama, and just enjoy what I do week in, and week out.

    You get no match, you get nothing from me ever again, Alias. If you want to face me? Earn a spot in the top tier by defeating other stars. Hell, in a short time i will be champion again, win a #1 contenders match. You want another chance to gain popularity just because of who i am, while denying everything i've done for you here, for everyone i have ever aligned myself with!?

    You can go fuck yourself.

    *The crowd boos loudly as Aids moves back to the corner, motioning to Alias it is time for him to get out of "my ring."
  7. *Alias glares over at Aids irately and picks up his mic*

    All you said was very touching Aids, touching enough to expand your ignorant knowledge upon this crowd and myself. I'll have you know all you said is a bunch of fatuous bullshit, but what do I expect from Aids, eh? Defrauder, deceiver, traitor, waste of oxigen in this world, a general cocksucker and much much more.

    I don't like speaking, I don't like this microphone......I like expressing myself via relentless and unremitting ambushes and beatdowns. *Alias licks his lips while looking at Aids*

    So I'm going to keep this short and not so sweet for you cocksucker.

    *Alias pauses and prepares himself*

    I'm the fear that keeps you waked
    I'm the shadows on the wall
    I'm the monsters they become
    I'm the nightmare in your skull
    I'm a dagger in your back
    And extra turn upon the rack
    I'm the quivering of your heart
    A stabbing pain, a sudden start.....

    *crowd pop*

    You don't accept my challenge? You're gonna once again showcase your cowardice to the entire IWT crowd, myself and everyone backstage? So be it, but I'm just going to warn you. I'll do what it takes to get that match, regardless of you not wanting it to go down. I will have no mercy. I will be evil.

    Aids, you've been warned, I'm coming for you.

    *Alias gets close up to Aids, to the point where they are an inch away from eachother. Alias' facial expressions state disgust and resent to the man standing right opposite him. Alias turns around for a split second. He is seen getting something from his pocket. It's a dagger! Alias abruptly turns around to strike Aids with it, but....*

    OOC: Choose to escape or duck it or whatever Aids.
  8. but...Aids hits Alias on the head with his microphone, stopping him dead in his tracks. Alias crumbles to the mat, as Aids Johnson stands over him, throwing his own mic outside the ring and taking the one held by Alias.

    You can ignore the facts, but no one ignores me. If every time an asshole like you demanded a match with me without any credentials or reason I should accept, you call me a coward when I decline. Seabs is the new WHC, and he loves to take on any loser he is certain he will defeat. You will have your dream match with me, and i will slam your body through this ring and into the ground. Today, is not your day.

    *the crowd boos loudly as AIds walks out of the ring and to the backstage. The announcers talk about Alias, and the crowd cheers loudly as Alias gets up on his own, surrounded by referees"
  9. *Alias gets up bitterly and exchanges heated words with the officials. He gives them that infamous evil glare, and he strikes them with the dagger! Crowd are on their feet confused, with some shouting in happiness, some crying, etc. Alias stands tall over the officials with the dreadful dagger in hand, licking the blood on the mat. He finally leaves the ring and goes backstage*
  10. OOC Stabbing people? :pity2: